• The very definition of must read, a SONS OF ANARCHY post mortem from creator Kurt Sutter himself.
• From the department of what’s not to love, USA confirms BURN NOTICE prequel focusing on Bruce Campbell’s Sam Axe.
• A fate worse than death? After a killer first season, the writing staff of THE WALKING DEAD find themselves unemployed.
• Mark Your Calendars: BODY OF PROOF finally gets a premiere date.
• Next up in J.J. Abrams illustrious line of leading ladies… Sarah Jones!
• Wicked News! Idina Menzel will headline a Musical Series for ABC. (And No, Jon Stewart, we will not apologize for the pun!)
• On the off chance you weren’t planning on tuning into FRINGE’s fantastic episode this Thursday, you really need to watch this.

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  • Ace

    I get that some writer turnover b/w seasons is expected, but how do you justify getting rid of everyone when a season was such a success? Makes the producer seem like a heartless jerk.

  • Ace,
    While I agree that on the surface it looks horrible (especially around the holiday season!), there may be a method to Frank Darabont’s madness. Not being in the room ourselves, it’s possible that the writing staff didn’t really contribute to the show.

    That said, after the incredible first six episodes the series has just delivered, it’s going to be Darabont on the hook should next season not deliver.

  • Charles Carmichael

    Fringe is epic!!! Anyone who is not watching is missing out!