• Eviscerating any glimmer of hope fans may have had, Warner Bros TV officially announces LIFE UNEXPECTED “The Complete Series” on DVD. Emphasis on the words “Complete” and “Series.”
• Game Changer! Netflix is reportedly in talks with studios for access to current episodes of primetime and is willing to pay $70,000 to $100,000 for the privilege.
• From the department of “HUH?” MIKE & MOLLY tops Nielsen’s “Viewer Engagement” report.
• Spotlight: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Steven R. McQueen.
• Pilot Watch: My Girls’ Anna Chlumsky and THE OC’s Kelly Rowan Kelly have found themselves some exciting new gigs.
• Washington finally gets something right, with the House giving final congressional approval on Thursday to a bill that would prevent advertisers from abruptly raising the volume commercials to catch the attention of viewers.

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  • Nick

    Question: Would it kill CBS to take a highly-regarded but struggling series like Life Unexpected…and give it some exposure on the CBS network? Wouldn’t it benefit the entire company as a whole, and perhaps help raise awareness of The CW as a viewing option?

    In the TV biz, we’re constantly prodded to cross-promote if we have sister stations in the same market….and yet, CBS does zilch to help its young network. Who’s running the board meetings over there? We’re talking Marketing 101.

  • Ace

    Netflix being able to get current shows would be great. Might make up for the Blockbuster exclusivity thing that has popped up here recently (i.e., Blockbuster is the only outlet to be able to rent some movies for a period of time–which really should be illegal under US antitrust laws…).

  • Revshaqueefa

    While I usually agree with all your television viewing selection, I have to disagree in that Mike & Molly is genuinely sweet and funny, plus its female lead is amazing. I also highly enjoy In Treatment, which you don’t watch. Besides that, no fuss to be mentioned 🙂