Spoiler Alert! Emily Deschanel Teases Thursday’s Brennan-centric BONES


Wondering just how big of an episode this upcoming Thursday’s Brennan-centric instalment of BONES is? So big that we just got off of a conference call with her portrayer, the wonderfully well spoken Emily Deschanel, in which she kindly talked about the epsisode, her take on Hannah and what BONES fans have to look forward to in the coming months. Needless to say, spoilerphobes, you have been warned.

It’s a game-changer!
Despite the general consensus that the phrase “game-changer” is in fact one of the most overused terms in the history of the medium, Thursday’s episode — in which the murder of a prominent surgeon has Brennan re-evaluating her life as a result of how much in common she has with the victim — is just that. “Brennan starts, as a lot of people in life do, to wonder… am I working my whole life away, not spending time with the people who are important, not taking a chances,” explained Deschanel. “If I died tomorrow would I be happy with my life as it is, right now?”

“B” is for Bold!
What’s that? Still not convinced that Thursday’s episode — not to put too fine a point on it — changes everything? Consider the following, “Brennan starts to wonder if she made a mistake when she rejected Booth’s advances last year,” said an unsure of how much she should reveal Deschanel. “The murder of the doctor makes Brennan more aware of her feelings in a way she hasn’t been before. Hart [Showrunner Hart Hanson] and I have always talked about how Brennan is always the last person to know about her feeling for Booth, and here, it takes a very strange experience to face her feelings and see them.”

Hannah isn’t going anywhere
While she-who-shall-not-be-named may not play a pivotal role in next week’s episode, she will [cue ominous Terminator style music] be back! “It actually gets more serious,” teased Deschanel with regards to Booth and Hannah’s relationship. “Hannah is not a bad person. Unlike so many situations on TV when a character comes into a love triangle where people want the two leads together, Brennan likes Hannah. She’s a wonderful, smart, tough, cool and beautiful person. So in a sense, you can’t blame Booth for falling in love with her. And it’s because Brennan loves Booth and wants Booth to be happy, she likes Hannah and I think there’s a wonderful kind of push and pull between the characters.”

Bad news for Parker
As much as we hate to rain on Parker’s parade that saw him in the early stages of planning a pool party for himself, Hannah and Brennan during the closing moments of last night’s episode, it’s probably not gonna happen. Particularly after Hannah discovers the truth about Booth and Brennan’s sorted past in an upcoming episode. Said Deschanel, “It’s going to be revealed in some way to Hannah about the situation with Brennan and Booth and the feelings, which will definitely create a situation for Hannah, Brennan and their friendship. Expect issues, conflict and things like that.”

The Future
Luckily for our intrepid hero and heroine, regardless of what goes down during Thursday’s episode, there won’t be an awful lot of downtime to dwell on the past. At least according to Deschanel, who offers up a few hints as to what’s in store for the Jeffersonian gang in the coming episodes. “We have an episode about Dare Devil BMX Bikers, we have an episode about a polygamist and his many wives, we have one with the Gravedigger and David [Boreanaz] directs an episode that has a sniper loose in DC, which is a great, fun action packed episode.”

BONES airs Thursdays at 8PM on FOX (Global TV in Canada)

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  • Sarah

    Not even ED could make me change my mind and start liking Hannah – Never going to happen. I am counting the days and crossing my fingers until she’s gone.

  • Steph[is it BB time yet?]

    Ugh. I don’t want it to get more serious between Booth and Hannah. BRENNAN/EMILY FTW!

  • hilsto

    There isn’t anything wrong with Hannah, but there isn’t anything really right about her either. Not in a show that has banked for years on the Booth/Bones thing. Other shows might pull it off, but the way this one has gained a following over the years Hannah is doomed to be dead space so it is hard for me to care about her. Maybe if we saw them first meeting and them eventually getting together I’d like them as a couple better, but she came back like extra luggage from his trip and we missed all of the things that establish them as a couple. On the other hand, Booth/Bones have seasons of that.

    Also, why did she steal the sunglasses a few episodes back? That’s been bugging me. Taking someone’s sunglasses is not a female bonding thing.

  • bonespeak

    I know!! Its been annoying me too. Like its not enough that she has her man but now she wants her sunglasses too. It was outrageous. That scene made me MAD!!
    oooooooooooooohhh..ugh! I HATE Hannah!
    Cant stand her! Kick her out!

  • Ace

    Everything you just said is exactly how I feel. I don’t understand how the writers expect us to care about someone that just popped up one day when they have been creating the Booth/Brennan relationship since day one. Normally I’m fine with the two leads not being together (see Castle), but it just seems wrong to keep these two apart at some point. It’s hurting the show and making Booth less likable (that whole leaving his friends thing a few weeks ago was very unlike him).

    And seriously, the sunglasses thing was a dick move for an already disliked character.

  • AAA

    How is it a game changer is Hannah sticks around and things get more serious with Booth and Hannah. Great….I was looking forward to this episode and now I am just depressed yet AGAIN with my favorite show. GET RID OF HANNAH. DON”T LIKER HER. FINE SHE IS PERFECT….And now we get to look forward to things get more serious with Booth and Hannah. Hart you are pushing this whole Hannah thing too far. We don’t like it.

  • AAA

    Hart Hanson and Stephan Nathan had to explain that scene….Very bad when the writers have to explain things so the fans understand it. They have had to do a lot of that this season. I am not sure this show is going to survive.

  • Hannah needs to go away. She doesn’t bring anything great to the story. I can’t wait for more info on the Grave Digger, what happens if she gets out?! That woman creeps me out! That stare, those eyes…eep! Parker likes Bones better, he gelled with her right away. Bones crying in the preview broke my heart. That poor woman. Booth needs to pull over and hug her.

  • Andrewj986121

    i am waiting for hannah to leave….!!!!! ugh BB please

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that I hate Hannah as a character or anything, but I just don’t understand WHY she is there. She doesn’t seem to contribute anything to the story other than to act as an irritant to Brennan/Booth shippers. Hanson was all on about how the show’s fans would feel so conflicted because although she’d be splitting up B/B, we’d find her really likable as a character … well, that backfired, sir, we all wish she would go away.

  • FL

    Hiya, grammar police here too.

    I know some people pointed out that you must’ve meant ‘sordid’, but… I’m sure that you cannot have meant either ‘sorted’ or ‘sordid’, actually. Why would you describe Booth and Brennan’s past as ‘sordid’? The word means ‘squalid’, ‘dirty’ or ‘mean’.

  • Kinsey72549

    I’m about to stop watching–the show is slow and Hannah and Booth sicken me

  • Hagie33040

    Clock set to GMT – Check! Channel set – Check! Goodies within reach – Check! Doorbell disconnected – Check! Cell phone off – Check!

  • Ah DAMN!! Hannah is sticking around????

  • DAMN! We STILL are going to have to deal with Hannah???

  • mel

    unless… the sunglass thing forshadows Hannah wanting to “see” Brennan and Booth through Brennan’s eyes. It would seem out of character for an investigative reporter to not want to dig in and see how it really is between them. The clean, redeeming way for Hannah’s character to leave the scene would be for her to realize for herself and see Booth and Brennan’s realtionship as it really is 🙂

  • mel

    unless… the sunglass thing forshadows Hannah wanting to “see” Brennan and Booth through Brennan’s eyes. It would seem out of character for an investigative reporter to not want to dig in and see how it really is between them. The clean, redeeming way for Hannah’s character to leave the scene would be for her to realize for herself and see Booth and Brennan’s realtionship as it really is 🙂

  • SueLester

    Why not bring Zack back? Remember when he left to help them solve a case and Sweets took him back, Zack told him he did not actually kill the lobbyist. He said the Master did, but he would have. Why not figure it out that he would NOT have and just say he was led down the wrong path but a few seasons of getting treatment has helped him see the real side of things. He added so much to the show.

  • I think Hannah should become a suspect and then Booth will have to see Hannah for who she really is. Maybe not a main suspect, but perhaps someone who aids a murderer. She could be the inside link between the Gravedigger and B&B!!! Oh, man, that would be good. =D Not only would Booth have to find out who Hannah truly is, but he would have to save Brennan (more than likely). Write this one in Hart!!! I want to see it!

  • Lisa

    maybe the gravedigger will kill hannah

  • CT

    Perhaps the writing appears to have deteriorate simply because the storyline is now off point; that is, adding Hannah to the mix fractured the dynamics of the core ensemble (Bones, Booth, Angela, Jack, Cam, and the lab). Hopefully there is enough tuime to get rid of Hannah & getthe show back on track. Hope Avalon is right: it’s not over between them. AS Avalon once said, “Booth, go to her (Bones) now!