The Top 10 Lies TV Showrunners Tell You

Yesterday afternoon, in response to a conference call earlier in the week in which FRINGE showrunners J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner emphatically defended their shows move to Friday, we, on a whim tweeted “We’re fine with the move to Friday,” under the hashtag #liesTVshowrunnerstellyou.

What followed, was a flurry of funny (“We Loved Ana Lucia” tweeted @sILOST) and eerily accurate (“The network has been incredibly supportive,” tweeted former SIMPSON EP @thatbilloakley) responses from around the twitterverse, the Top 10 of which we’ve compiled after the jump.

10. “We don’t know how Ausiello got that first.” tweeted @DamianLovesTV

9. “I’ve actually never seen [work with extremely similar premise].” tweeted @poniewozik

8. “The critics are solidly behind us and if you’re patient the audience will follow.” tweeted @maskedscheduler

7. “It’s not purgatory and it’s not time travel. And we’ll start answering questions soon!” tweeted @PlateOrPlatter

6. “We’re not worried about the ratings because the show does great on DVR and overseas.” tweeted @geckobrothers

5. “We already have the first five seasons all planned out.” tweeted @TVMcGee

4. “We know it’s funny if we can make the crew laugh.” tweeted @weinmanj

3. “We understand the danger of drawing _____ out too long.” tweeted @Ernie_Davis

2. “Viewers are going to love this new character introduced solely to keep the two leads apart.” tweeted @katangus

1. “That thing we did that most people hated? We’ll never do that again!” tweeted @moryan

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  • Ace

    “”I have no regrets. Every mistake was a lesson learned and I’m a better writer for it.” #liesItoldyou.” tweeting @DamonLindelof

  • Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, having Damon Lindelof take part was pretty darn cool. (Check meet Bucket List)