Your Ultimate Guide to the Best of the Web: Informational


The Internet is full of information, and Internet videos are no different. Web series can teach you about any subject under the sun, and a lot are really entertaining too. Here are just some of the great informational series the Web has to offer.

TED Talks is a set of conferences giving the greatest minds in the world a chance to present their ideas. Topics range from biology, to human rights, to the arts, to why we all ought to eat more insects. In 2006 these groundbreaking talks started being offered on the Internet.

Technology expert Leo Laporte brings you the latest innovations in technology, mostly focusing on consumer products and Internet. Each episode features a panel of expert guests, which have in the past included Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and STAR TREK actor LeVar Burton. 

Perfect for film buffs, this web series provides interviews and behind the scenes footage of the latest films to hit theaters. Its latest offerings include clips of the making of Somewhere and Black Swan plus a TRON: Legacy featurette. 

National Geographic spreads onto the Internet with this innovative web series bringing the National Geographic Society’s goals of education and discovery to the web.

Cooking website Epicurious branches out to web video, with several videos that provide a wealth of information about food and beverages. Find great international recipes with their 80 Global Dishes series or get tips on selecting wine that will keep you from looking like an idiot the next time you’re faced with a complicated wine list.

THE TODAY SHOW breaks down its program’s segments into two minutes videos. Perfect if you only have two minutes to spare to catch up on events, or if you only have that long of an attention span.

If you enjoy theoretical physics, or just want to feel smart for a moment or two, then this web series is perfect for you! Investigate the leading theories on black holes, planet death, the possibility of alien life, and just about everything else in the universe.

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