Good News, Bad News: ABC Wednesday Night Comedy Edition

Good News: After months of speculation ABC has finally given Matthew Perry’s highly-anticipated single-camera comedy a premiere date and timeslot. Bad News: Both of which belong to COUGAR TOWN, which will be removed from its plum-post MODERN FAMILY timeslot starting February 9th to make room for Perry’s SUNSHINE, only to return on April 13 where it will be followed by Elisha Cuthbert’s new laugher HAPPY ENDINGS.

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  • Good news: By keeping CT off from Feb 9th- April 13th Cougar Town NEVER airs against Ameican Idol. Human Target airs thru Feb 9th at 9p, then IDOL 2 hour eps air til Apri 6th when Breaking In premieres at 9:30. Cougar Town gets to air all of its eps after MF and never faces IDOL.

  • Cougar Town wasn’t going up against Idol this season anyway. Modern Family, and the 8:00 p.m. comedies were.

  • Anyway, I was really excited about Happy Endings. It looked like a solid comedy, but the Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. slot is a tricky time slot. I’m almost afraid to get too attached.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Idol will have many weeks of two hour episodes on Wednesdays, so by returning later, CT will avoid facing them.

    I really hope this doesn’t hurt the show. It’s so good!

  • kevin

    wait, they’re taking off cougar town, but keeping better with you? why is it that every time a network has the possibility to make the best comedy night ever, they mess it up??

  • Shilo

    I’m okay with the move. Granted, I consider Cougar Town to be the best comedy on TV, but ABC needs to use Modern Family to create as many hits as they can. They can’t do what NBC did with The Office and never try anything new behind a flagship show; they gave 30 Rock 4 seasons behind Office and while it’s gotten stable ratings this season, NBC could have done more with the timeslot, y’know?