One [SUPERNATURAL] Fandom to Rule Them All


Bad News for fans of CASTLE, BONES, CHUCK, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, and SMALLVILLE: The results are. And despite your best efforts to rally your respective fandoms, SUPERNATURAL’s Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will be gracing the cover of TV Guide Magazine’s first ever fandom-generated feature hitting newsstands* this Thursday.

* Wikipedia defines “newsstand” as a business that sells newspapers, magazines**, snacks and often items of local interest.

** Before the internet, a “magazine,” was a way in which news was disseminated. For more information on the virtually lost art form that we affectionally refer to as “print” click here.

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  • TV and Dinners

    Is that…really the cover picture they’re going with? REALLY? I know the boys are pretty, but that looks like an outtake from Zoolander. Why can’t they be in character?!?!?

  • Stephanie

    YAY! As much as I love both Supernatural and Chuck, Supernatural really deserved this!!

  • TV and Dinners

    To clarify: I’m really happy Supernatural won. I voted my little fingers off. But if I wasn’t a viewer and saw that picture, I would laugh and never watch the show. They look like they should be on 90210 or something.

  • I voted for Chuck thrice and for Supernatural around 7 times. Coz they allowed me to.

  • Kelly

    Yay for Supernatural!!! And I totally agree with everyone else…I hope that isn’t the exact cover they go with…way too 90210, not nearly enough Winchester. 🙂

  • Supernatural… FTW!And, I agree… Totally hope this isn’t the pic!

  • Ace

    Zoolander was exactly what I thought of too! Apparently there isn’t more to life than being really ridiculously good looking.

  • Anonymous

    Woot!! TV Addict — you called it on internet fandoms years ago with “Rule #1: Don’t mess with the Supernatural fans. Rule #2: See Rule #1.” LOL

  • Robin Vogel

    SUPERNATURAL deserved this more than all the other shows combined. It’s the little show that could, maintaining high quality after six seasons. I consider it the best show on television, and wish Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki the very best in their careers!

  • Kayal

    That photo is so over photoshopped that it makes me wanna cry!
    Its worse than the eclipse posters were!
    I LOVE SPN and voted continuously but seriously – THIS PICTURE?
    Why did they not use the picture we voted on which had Sam, Dean AND Cas!!
    C’mon Misha soo deserves to be on the cover too!
    I really don’t like this picture but I will buy this to show my support!

  • Just a heads up to those of you none to pleased with TV Guide’s cover design, put your money where your mouth is…