Redesign SUPERNATURAL’s TV Guide Magazine Cover and Win!

If four years of blogging about television has taught us anything, it’s that everybody’s a critic. Which is why, as much as we hate to be the one to rain on the SUPERNATURAL fandom’s parade — a fandom that deserves serious credit for mobilizing their troops in a successful bid to win TV Guide Magazine’s first ever Annual Fan Favorite Poll — we can’t help but echo the sentiments commentor Kelly who characterized the Magazine’s cover as “Way too 90210 and not nearly enough Winchester.”

Suffice to say, Jared [Padelecki] doing his best impersonation of a vapid male model, and Jensen [Ackles] channeling his inner Derek “Blue Steel” Zoolander doesn’t quite get across the message that these two demon-hunting butt-kicking brothers have saved the world from annihilation on more than one occasion. Cue… Extreme Makeover: TV Guide Magazine Edition.

Think you have the artistic chops to design a cooler cover? Now’s your chance to prove it! Simply download the design elements posted below and send your Extreme Makeover by December 17th, 2010 to danielthetvaddict [at] gmail [dot] com. Submissions will then be posted on December 20th giving readers the opportunity to vote for their favorites with the winning cover artist walking away with a copy of SUPERNATURAL: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON on Blu-ray.

Click here to download, and please note that the copy is merely a guideline and can of course be changed to suit the needs of your design.

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  • Tim

    I’d redesign it with Chuck or Castle on the cover.Frakking stoopernatural fangirls… *grumble*

  • Ehsan12241


  • Ashsca

    awe. don’t be bitter :p

  • RoboPixie

    I’d really love to this but what about copy right infringement? All the photo’s I wanna use are the official promos, aren’t those copy righted?

  • RoboPixie

    I’d really love to this but what about copy right infringement? All the photo’s I wanna use are the official promos, aren’t those copy righted?

  • Although I’m not a lawyer, since this contest is just for fun and in no way will be selling the mocked-up TV Guide or profiting from it anyway, I can’t imagine there are any serious legal implications.

  • JessicaRae

    This is awesome. Definitely entering. I was disappointed in the official cover, too. It is way, WAY too “sunny” for Supernatural. I mean, Dean would never wear a shirt that color, and bright, blue skies? A sunny, clean road? That isn’t Supernatural.

  • supernaturalgirl

    That wasn’t nice

  • supernaturalgirl

    We need a dark awesome supernatural cover, this one is just ok, but is not so supenatural.

  • billikensoccer08

    I’m really glad I wasn’t the only one that felt that way. The cover is just too……’pretty’ to be associated with spn. Totally getting in on this contest.

  • God I can’t express how much I dislike the current cover.

  • wOOt! – Mine are in!

  • So we can make more than one? yaaa I’m off to see what i can come up with.

  • i cant seem to open the link
    i mean i downloaded but it isnt opening 🙁

  • Were do I send it? I cant find an adress or something like that.

  • TVAddict, when is this being posted??

  • When dose the voting start?

  • Elizabeth

    I thought the voting started today?

  • Sorry for the delay folks, voting will begin tomorrow!