• Miss HEROES? Syfy has picked up ALPHAS.
• The Truth Hurts: LIE TO ME may not be returning next season.
• The Bad Wife! Julianna Marguilies gets down and dirty for Harpers Bazaar.
• Sneak Peak: DEXTER’s killer season finale.
• Are these the Top 10 Comedies of 2010? Discuss.
• IDOL Chatter: Producers mulling changes for the upcoming tenth season.
• From the network that eschews original ideas comes… the CW’s attempt to replicate the success of GLEE.

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  • Nick

    Noticeably absent from the Top 10 comedies is 30 Rock, The Office and The Middle.

    But boy, did E! hit it right with their Top 10 Douchebags of the Year list. Should’ve/could’ve made it Top 20, easily.

  • Anonymous

    That is not the Top 10 comedies. Glee at #2? No 30 Rock/Middle/Cougar Town? Are you kidding me?

    Dexter has been so good this season. I was worried they’d have trouble following Season 4 but it has worked out well.

    “Insiders say that the level of talent this year is “amazing.”” — Doesn’t AI say this every year? I believe I remember someone saying how incredible last season’s talent was.

  • Shilo

    ABC’s also working on at least 2-3 musical projects (for example, one with Idina Menzel), so the CW isn’t alone in their Glee replication experiment.

  • Sanen85

    They have Raising Hope rated about P&R, really? Chuck and HIMYM, but no Cougar Town. Mmmh, okay.

  • Lol, why is Chuck featured? Raising Hope definitely deserves it’s spot. Best new comedy of the season in my opinion!