The British Are Coming! What THE X FACTOR Means For Your Favorite FOX Shows

Next Fall FOX will give new meaning to the phrase “X marks the spot” when the network unveils the much-anticipated American version of the Simon Cowell UK smash THE X FACTOR.

Unfortunately for fans of quality scripted fare, the spot X will mark, particularly if the ominous teaser [above] is any indication, will invariably take up a large chunk of real estate on FOX’s Fall lineup.

After-all, when the network is only responsible for programming a mere 14 hours per week — over half of which is already reserved for guaranteed renewals such as GLEE, BONES, HOUSE, RAISING HOPE, AMERICA’S MOST WANTED, COPS, HELL’S KITCHEN and Sunday’s lineup of “Animation Domination” — the number of timeslots available are at a premium. Add to that a minimum of 2 hours per week (knowing FOX, more than likely 3 or 4) that will be dedicated to THE X FACTOR, the annual tradition that is Major League Baseball’s Fall Classic, and the green-light J.J. Abrams’ ALCATRAZ has already been given and what what’s left is terrifying little room for lowly rated, albeit critically acclaimed shows such as FRINGE and HUMAN TARGET.

Suffice to say, we have a feeling that yesterday’s news that LIE TO ME’s services will no longer be needed for the duration of the 2010-2011 season was just the first causality in what we expect to be a very bloody British invasion.

You’ve been warned.

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  • Of all the Fox shows mentioned, Fringe and Human Target are my top two. Family Guy, House and Bones make 3, 4 and 5, but the rest, even though I watch them, are expendable.

  • Shilo

    Don’t forget Terra Nova’s guaranteed fall spot.

    The X Factor will be like So You Think You Can Dance last season with 3 hours/week (at least that’s what I read). I say Fox picks up it, Terra Nova, Alcatraz, one more sitcom to pair with Raising Hope (if the other shows they’re premiering at midseason fail), and maybe one more drama (Locke & Key?) for fall. They can get away with canceling Fringe, Lie to Me, and Human Target without much scheduling detriment.

  • Great point abotu TERRA NOVA, completely slipped my mind!

  • Ace

    I like Human Target, but the loss of Fringe would be greatly upsetting. And I have a feeling having one singing competition in the fall and one in the spring is going to cause fatigue quite quickly. So my hope is that AI bombs this year and ends up being replaced by X-Factor.

  • Nick

    Count me as one viewer who will NOT be X-ed by Simon Cowell. I’m 100% more interested in Alcatraz, and I’m not even “that” excited about IT.