Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why You’re Not Going to Want to Miss Tomorrow Night’s NIKITA

Since the CW seems adverse to promoting any show that doesn’t feature a gaggle of really sexy vampires, we at have decided to take it upon ourselves to deliver 5 reasons why you should refrain from changing the channel following tomorrow night’s VAMPIRE DIARIES midseason finale.

It’s graduation day for Alex!
But don’t cue that “Pomp and Circumstance” march just yet. Turns out, before Alex earns all the rights and privileges that come with being promoted to a full-fledged Division Agent (Read: Allowed topside and given a wardrobe that doesn’t include sweatpants!) she’ll have to pass one final test. Alex will either get wasted or waste someone, or as it’s affectionally referred to inside Division HQ, as “The Kill Job.”

There’s a Mole!
After half a season spent scratching their heads as to how on earth Nikita has managed to continually stay one step ahead of Division, Birkhoff will finally discovers what has alluded Percy and Michael since day one, there’s a mole! Worse still, since WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange is tucked safely away in a UK prison, all eyes will be on a handful of Division recruits, making Nikita’s mission and Alex’s graduation day that much more of a challenge.

Nikita Gets Captured!
And while this probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering the deluge of photos that have “leaked” out courtesy of our friends at the CW, what will most assuredly have your jaw on the floor are the confrontations that follow between not just Division head Percy, but Amanda as well. The latter of whom seems to take Nikita’s betrayal a wee bit too personally, employing a tactic far more torturous than your average run-of-the-mill water-boarding session. Or so we’ve heard.

For those concerned that Thursday’s midseason finale is all talk, rest assured, it wouldn’t be an episode of NIKITA without some serious butt-kicking on behalf of our heroine Maggie Q. Who, let’s just say, delivers a very convincing lesson to an unsuspecting group of recruits as to what it’s like to fight in the real world.

A Killer Ending!
If the goal of any midseason finale is to leave fans with enough to talk about so that they’ll remember to tune back in when the show returns, consider NIKITA executive producer Craig Silverstein’s mission, well, accomplished. And while we sure as heck aren’t about to give away whose finger is on what trigger of a bullet that may-or-may-not be responsible for sending more than one series regular to the hospital… or worse! We will tease that at least one, possibly two (!) operatives of Division will be ending the year off by playing an actor’s least favorite role: That of an unemployed one.

NIKITA airs Thursday nights at 9PM on the CW (“A” Channel in Canada)

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  • Liz_rudkin

    I would like to see one episode were Nikita succeeds with something other than sheer dumb luck.
    Or where Alex has to actually do something without the exact bit of information she needs just falling straight into her lap.

  • Heeyitschloe

    so. freaking. excitedddd

  • Nick

    I’ll give it one more shot, but it better knock my socks off if I’m missing Holly on The Office.