• This week in really awkward episode titles, has FRINGE’s first episode back after being moved to Friday entitled “Firefly.”
• Report: Letterman, “Housewives,” “Friends” helping stop Islamic extremism.
• “Go big or go home,” is PARKS AND RECREATIONS’ mantra for season 3.
• Pilot Watch: HBO is passing on Alan Ball’s ALL SIGNS OF DEATH.
• Spoiler Alert! What to expect from the LIFE UNEXPECTED series finale.

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  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to the return of Parks and Rec!

    Just saw your latest tweet…I don’t think Better With You has to be a guilty pleasure. I think it’s a funny show! Despite the laugh track, I don’t mind it being a part of ABC’s Wednesday lineup.

  • Maybe they realized Alan Ball would butcher that series like he’s done with True Blood lately.:)

  • In BETTER WITH YOU’s defense, “guilty pleasure” is probably the wrong terminology but it’s what comes to mind because you’re the only other person who I know who watches the show. I actually think it’s quite funny, and a nice throwback to the days of FRIENDS.