We Smell a McConspiracy Surrounding ABC’s Holiday Stocking Stuffer

Just in time for the holiday season, ABC is offering up limited edition prints of your favorite stars from such hit shows as GREY’S ANATOMY, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, CASTLE and LOST. Make that most of your favorite stars.

Turns out, after our non-existent research staff [translation: a TV Addict with slightly too much time on his hands] combed through the hundreds of photos made available, paying particular attention to the 94 GREY’S ANATOMY specific ones, we can in fact confirm that somebody over at ABC hasn’t quite forgiven both T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl, both of whom are conspicuously absent from the photos offered. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that their absence has absolutely nothing to do with no longer being on the show. At least as evidence by the availability of Nicolette Sheridan photos, an actress that when we last checked is currently in the process of suing the creators of of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES for 20 million dollars stemming from an alleged incident that resulted in her “wrongful termination.”

But hey, don’t take our word for it, check out what’s available, or not available, for yourself at officialgreysanatomyphotos.com

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  • Maryalesia

    maybe it had to do with their characters being so thoroughly unlikable. I, too, would like to forget that Izzy and George ever existed.

  • Keisha

    Actually Grey’s has gone majorly downhill since they left as has the audience. There is no conspiracy here – the reason they are not included is most likely because ABC are unable to use their images now they have left for financial benefit. If you recall they used Isaiah Washingtons image in another episode after they terminated his contract and he took legal action. So the reasons are more than likely legal than some mystery vendetta. Also why would they promote people who are no longer on the show. Seems as if you are just trying to make something out of nothing. Gee..how unlike the press to do that.

  • Keisha,
    Does not the fact that you can purchase photos of Nicolette Sheridan disprove your theory?