TV Ratings: Thursday December 9, 2010

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 12.13 3.8/12
FOX Bones 8.76 2.3/7
ABC Shrek the Halls (R) 6.94 1.8/6
NBC Community 4.74 2.0/6
CW The Vampire Diaries 3.12 1.3/4
8:30PM CBS $#*! My Dad Says ‘9.50 2.7/8
NBC 30 Rock 5.24 2.2/6
CBS CSI 13.40 2.9/8
9PM ABC Oprah, the Next Chapter 13.15 2.9/8
NBC The Office 7.59 3.8/10
FOX Fringe 5.27 1.9/5
CW Nikita 2.31 0.8/2
10PM CBS The Mentalist 13.35 2.4/7
ABC 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010 12.15 3.2/9
NBC The Apprentice 4.50 1.8/5

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  • Ugh, series lows for TVD this week. When it returns it will go up against American Idol. Stupid CW!

  • Shilo

    Nikita was absolutely insane last night (not to be too spoiler-y, but the scene with the chains gave me chills). I’d honestly be content if they moved it behind Supernatural next year (if it’s renewed) just for less expectations in the demo and a little more artistic freedom.

  • Nick

    Why is The CW stupid, Jenny? Don’t you mean the “viewers?”

    Honestly, if people are still too dumb to tune in the best show on TV, Vampire Diaries, then they deserve all the Snookie, Hoff, Kardashian crap we can cram down their moronic throats.

  • Because they are scheduling TVD against American Idol, which will likely make TVD reach even more series lows.

  • Nick

    Dude, you do realize that The Vampire Diaries staked out their timeslot first, don’t ya? Idol has always aired on Tuesday, with the bloated results/infomerical on Wed. FOX made the change to Thursday. What do you expect everyone to do, move their entire schedules off Thursday night? Exactly what would you put on Thursday, if you were The CW, for instance? Should we just close up shop because an aging karaoke show thinks it can poach the night?

  • First of all I’m not a dude.If you read my name it would have taken you all of two seconds to deduce that. The CW could easily move Nikita to 8:00 p.m. and TVD to 9:00 if they wanted to. It really shouldn’t affect Nikita that much because it skews a mostly male older audience.Since TVD’s audience is mostly younger females it will affect it a lot more most likely.

  • Nick

    Doesn’t say much for the mentality of younger girls, does it, that they would abandon the best show on TV for Ryan’s Freakshow? Eh, fella? Should CBS also move Big Bang to 9pm? Maybe we should all run and cower in a corner…the big, bad Idol is coming…no other show can possibly compete! Oh, how I wish there were some type of device that could record other channels! Or, you know, take a 2-second glance at the internet right after Idol to see who got eliminated, instead of watching 50-minutes worth of Ford and Coke commercials.