Your TV Guide Magazine Redesign Contest Update: SUPERNATURAL Fans Stand Up and Deliver!

Design By: Jaclyn E.

Full disclosure: When we first concocted the idea to have fans redesign this week’s “First Annual Fan Favorite” issue of TV Guide Magazine in response to their somewhat uninspiring cover, we were nervous. After-all, we’d look about as silly as the brains behind Comedy Central’s recent logo redesign if we publicized a contest that nobody entered. Thankfully, SUPERNATURAL fans did not disappoint. So much so that we wanted to offer up a sneak peek of some of the fantastic entries we’ve received thus far in an effort to remind fans that you still have one week to submit your redesigns. Click here for information on how to enter, and below for some awesome inspiration.

Design By: Kerri E.

Design By: Sarah B.

Design By: Sue P.

Design By: Kirsten T.

Design By: Amanda N.

Design By: Mel

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  • asap

    Love, love, LOVE the sixth one down!! All of these (except the last one) are SO much better than the actual cover! It was like they had no idea what the show is about and thought that it was all sunshine and happiness.

  • JessicaRae

    Can we submit more than one entry?

  • Yes!

  • Hope so, cuz I sent in four. LOL!!

  • may i use the Supernatural ones if i credit the makers of the cover?! please get back to me! thanks

  • Why is the last one even taken seriously and allowed to be up there? We won the cover fair and square. We did not rub the Chuck fans noses in the fact that we won. I get that they are bitter, we would be too if it were us, but who allowed this to be posted? It’s in very bad taste.

  • Who won?