Your Ultimate Guide to the Best of the Web: Music

The Internet has always been a great place for music-lovers to get their fix. Whether you love music or just want to see something entertaining online, musical web series have something for everyone. Here are just a few different categories, but like everything online, if you can imagine it chances are good that someone has made it.

?Humor/Parody Music Videos:

KEY OF AWESOME?One of the most popular web series, Key of Awesome’s comedy team parodies celebrities, pop songs, and internet fads. Songs explore the deep questions of life like are you addicted to cat videos, and is Kei$ha trying too hard.

Comedy music videos created by the College Humor website. Some parody pop musicians, like Bruno Mars and Katy Perry. Others are simply funny, like the Hoodie Song, a duet between a man and his lost hoodie.


Directed and written by Joss Whedon and starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillian and Felicity Day, this is not just one of the best series online, it is one of the best series ever made. Super villain Dr. Horrible (Harris) runs a video blog, where he discusses the difficulties in balancing his love life with his quest for world domination. And frequently breaks out into song.

A fan-made prequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog, Horrible Turn tells the story of how Dr. Horrible became a super villain in the first place. Legality aside, this is still pretty hilarious, despite it’s unfortunate lack of Neil Patrick Harris.

Sex, drugs and stereotypes abound in this spoof of High School Musical. Sandra Smith, a glasses-wearing, geeky virgin has her first day at Private High, where the students are frisky, the teachers are pervy, and everyone is constantly singing

Indie Bands:

99 DOLLAR MUSIC VIDEOS ?This web series challenges unknown bands to make a music video in two days with a budget of only 99 dollars or less. Despite the strict perimeters, some of the results are pretty impressive.

Shows About Musicians’ Lives:

This fictional drama tells the story of the twenty-year olds whose lives revolve around the Los Angeles rock club Club Rockville. Created by Josh Schwartz, whose television dramas The OC and Gossip Girl have charmed viewers worldwide, this web series has the same youthful, edgy feel as his other work. Episodes each feature a song by various bands.

This MTV reality show follows young Memphis musicians as they try to break into the music industry. The series gives you an inside look at the Memphis music scene, and lets you hear new music by up and coming artists. December 15 MTV is launching the sequel, $5 Cover: Seattle, so mark your calendar if you like the original.

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