Morning Static: Anthony Michael Hall, Phil Hartman, Simon Cowell & More!

• Actors we Miss: Phil Hartman.
• No Ordinary Brat Packer, Anthony Michael Hall headed for a collision with ABC’s Powell Family.
• Return of the Cola Wars, as Coke and Pepsi fight over Simon Cowell’s X FACTOR.
• The American Film Institute names their Top 10 TV Programs of the year, discuss.
• Making us feel better about our addiction to television, comes this live-action shot-for-shot remake of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES intro.
• A Killer Ending! DEXTER EP Sara Colleton answers questions about the season 5 finale! (Spoiler Alert!)

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  • Anonymous

    Hartman’s NEWSRADIO is one of the most underrated comedies ever. What a cast…and sooo funny.