Piper Perabo, Really?! Plus Other Reactions to the 2011 Golden Globe Nominations

When it comes to summing up our reaction to this morning’s 68th Annual Golden Globe Nominations, we’ve got six words for The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, inspired by the evening’s host Ricky Gervais, “We are not having a laugh!”

But before we delve into the anomaly that resulted from a 90 member voting block that may-or-may-not be as easily swayed as the folks in charge of choosing the sites for each Olympic, let’s first talk about the positive. That being, it’s hard to argue with any award show that singles out the likes of Chris Colfer (GLEE), Jim Parsons (THE BIG BANG THEORY) and Katey Sagal (SONS OF ANARCHY), not to mention shows likes of BOARDWALK EMPIRE, MAD MEN, and THE GOOD WIFE.

Unfortunately for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, what it’s not hard to argue with is Pipera “Frakkin” Perabo!

Now don’t get us wrong, having spent some time interviewing Perabo on the set of COVERT AFFAIRS last summer, we have absolutely nothing but respect for the pint-sized star who does a fine job of headlining the hit USA series. That said, Jennifer Garner she ain’t, to the point that we’re willing to bet even Ms. Perabo herself is in shock right now as she conducts a string of interviews with reporters angling for her reaction to the nomination. Particularly when one takes into account those who weren’t nominated, like Anna Torv (FRINGE), Nina Dobrev (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES), Emily Deschanel (BONES), and Connie Britton (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS), all of whom continue to deliver remarkable performances in their respective dramas.

As for the shows themselves, while we’re not going to begrudge THE BIG BANG THEORY its nomination in the Best Comedy category — despite the series pretty much boiling down to an Emmy winning performance by Jim Parsons who also garnered a nod — we would have loved to see a show get the nod that could actually benefit from the publicity, like COMMUNITY and/or PARKS AND RECREATION.

And finally, as pleasantly surprised as we were by the inclusion of THE WALKING DEAD, also known as the Fall’s most thrilling new series, we hate to think that it was at the expense of LOST, which after 6 remarkable, albeit highly-diseccted seasons most certainly deserved one final hurrah.

Agree, disagree, post away in the comments below.

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  • Anna Torv deserves ALL the awards. But to not even be nominated is just tragic.

  • hilsto

    I’m a fan of Covert Affairs but I agree — Anna Torv is is MIT compared to Perabo’s jr collage performance at this point. I just can’t figure it. I mean Perabo is ok but she isn’t even the best actor on her own show. It isn’t even a show that has conceivably a hit its stride yet if it ever will. It’s like a junior Alias. Fun, I like it, but never in my wildest dreams would I have pulled her out of a hat over ten other actresses if not more. That’s taking snubbing to an entirely different level. If they were going to go for a non traditional nom you listed plenty of other options that at least made some sense based on quality and seasons of good performances with their most recent seasons being prime examples even.

  • furious

    This is a joke! Connie Britton and Anna Torv were robbed. Why is it so hard to be fair? I’m going to boycott the GG. What a terrible joke.

  • Stingray

    I could try to guess why – because Anna is too complex, compared to Piper?

    Anyway. No Anna Torv, no John Noble. Ffffuuuuu

  • Worse than the exclusion of Community (which didn’t hit that hard after the Emmys) was the snub of Breaking Bad.

    Boardwalk Empire was not a bad show, but it was nowhere as good as it could and should have been.

    I have always been rooting for Dexter in current dramas, with Breaking Bad a close second (but that’s cause I haven’t caught up with the recent seasons of Mad Men). The Walking Dead is too new to break into my top 3 list, but if it season 2 is anything like the first, it could replace True Blood as my number 3.

  • I would have liked to have seen KaDee Strickland from Private Practice nominated for best supporting for her portrayal of the attack this season and was happy the Chris Colfer was nominated. He’s been amazing this season with the shows that have focused on the bullying and his dads heart attack.

  • Anonymous

    No Lost.
    No Community.

    But Piper Perabo and Scott Caan…Really?

  • Bones is always left out. I think it should be included. No doubt about that Emily Deschanel is phenomenal.

  • Emily Deschanel is phenomenal and too often overlooked.