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What do actors Pej Vahdat, Joel Moore, Ryan Cartwright, Carla Gallo and Michael Grant Terry all have in common? Well, aside from helping fill out the Jeffersonian’s revolving cast of interns (or as they’re affectionally referred to by fans as “Squinterns”) on the hit FOX series BONES since the whole “Gormogon” incident left Zach… errr… otherwise occupied, each and every one has seen their career surge since doing so.

Evidently, struggling actors are no longer turning to Scientology to get their name out there when an internship on BONES has proven to be just as effective! Or at least that was our conclusion after spending some time investigating the pre-and-post BONES careers of the following actors five.

Michael Grant Terry (2008-2010)
BONES ID: Wendell Bray
Most notable onscreen characteristic: If the Squinterns were your run-of-the-mill boy band, Wendell Bray would most certainly be Sporty Squint, who, when he isn’t scoring on the ice playing hockey with Booth, is busy scoring points off the ice with Angela!
When he’s not assisting Dr. Temperance Brennan… Terry can be found guest starring in countless TV shows and movies including CRIMINAL MINDS, THE DEFENDERS, ELEVENTH HOUR, WITHOUT A TRACE and Post Grad.

Carla Gallo (2008-2010)
BONES ID: Daisy Wick
Most notable onscreen characteristic: Aside from being the only female Squintern, and with apologies to Michael Grant Terry, the most adorable one at that, Daisy is perhaps best known for stealing the heart of Dr. Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley)
When she’s not assisting Dr. Temperance Brennan… She’s inspiring us to write this post, after signing onto the CW’s upcoming pilot DANNI LOWINSKI!

Joel Moore (2008-2010)
BONES ID: Colin Fisher
Most notable onscreen characteristic: Is his inexplicable success rate with woman, which at last count has him boasting about hitting the century mark.
When he’s not assisting Dr. Temperance Brennan… He’s assisting Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) on Pandora in that little billion dollar franchise you may have heard of called Avatar.

Ryan Cartwright (2008-2010)
BONES ID: Vincent Nigel-Murray
Most notable onscreen characteristic: Would be is obsession with trivial facts that netted him a million dollars on JEOPARDY while Booth and Brennan were busy finding themselves (or Hannah!) in between seasons 5 and 6.
When he’s not assisting Dr. Temperance Brennan… He’s packing for Toronto where he’ll start shooting ALPHAS, a new HEROES-esque series for Syfy.

Pej Vahdat (2009-2010)
BONES ID: Arastoo Vaziri
Most notable onscreen characteristic: Faking a thick muslim accent to avoid conversations about his religious beliefs. A plot line
When he’s not assisting Dr. Temperance Brennan… He’s acting opposite William H. Macy in the upcoming Showtime series SHAMELESS.

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  • Sretav

    It sounds like at least 3 of our squinterns may not be back next season.

  • Ggny000

    Wasnt Ryan Cartwright on Mad Men last year?

  • Ggny000

    Wasnt Ryan Cartwright on Mad Men last year?

  • Ggny000

    Also since 3/5 are going on to bigger thing i think making Wendell a series regular wouldnt be a bad idea because aside from Daisy he is the one that had the most time with the group outside of the Jeffersonian

  • Bizarro Pedro

    Carla Gallo used to be on Carnivale. loved that show

  • I remember Carla Gallo playing Daisy the porn star on Californication.

  • Where is Zack??? I love him the most!!
    Well…He wasn’t really a squint anymore… lol

  • Where is Zack??? I love him the most!!
    Well…He wasn’t really a squint anymore… lol

  • Get Zach out on work release, at least a couple of times per season. And keep up with the revolving door squinterns – each of them has been a hoot.

  • as any real ‘Bones’ fan would say ZACK can not be replaced. that whole writers walk out thing really messed things up. So fix it and bring him back!

  • Gloritessier

    When is Zack comming back, we all miss him.

  • Dyaekle

    I like Zach a lot, I wish they will bring him back, I also like the other squintern. Zach is the best.

  • Kirkivy01

    They did tell the reason why, They had a whole episode or two about it! He was part of the “Gormagon” killings. He became the killer’s apprentice and he’s in jail because of it. You guys aren’t true followers if you don’t know what happened to ZACH!

  • Kirkivy01

    Of course he cannot be replaced but the other squinterns add character to the show! So don’t complain about the past and let it be!

  • The Fan

    I wish they can just kill Zack so that no more people shouting to have Zack back.
    Wendell is a boring character and Daisy is so annoying. I hate Nigel-Murray’s trivia, Fisher is a depressing but funny and Arastoo’s character can’t be develop more (IMO). So I wish each squintern has equal screen time. My hate for Daisy become bigger and bigger every time she is an intern especially this season.

  • Dnelson648

    I miss Zach!! Bring him back! He was the best squintern.

  • Dnelson648

    I totally agree! I love Zach and Daisy drives me nuts!! I’m just not thrilled with any of the other squinterns except Zach.