Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Holiday Gift Ideas for the TV Addict in Your Life

The War for Late Night: When Leno Went Early and Television Went Crazy
There are TV insiders, and there’s Bill Carter. Carter has been covering the ever-changing media landscape since 1989 for the NY Times media reporter, and as a result of the remarkable success of “The Late Shift,” his best-selling account of the Letterman/Leno debacle from the early 90’s was given unprecedented access when it came time to pen his followup, “The War for Late Night: When Leno Went Early and Television Went Crazy.” Comprised of interviews with virtually every major player involved in the recent train-wreck, TV Addicts will be thrilled to discover that virtually no stone goes unturned when it comes to Carter’s behind-the-scenes account of the unforgettable events from the 2009/10 late night season. Less thrilling, the realization of just how easy it is for a seemingly intelligent group of NBC executives to virtually destroy one of America’s most celebrated institutions. [$17.79 on Amazon, or $12.99 on the Kindle]

There is a very good reason why the Slingbox is making its second consecutive appearance on our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Simply put, short of our iPhone, it’s hands down the coolest gadget we’ve ever owned Seriously. Years later we still marvel at the fact that a little black box plugged directly into our cable box gives us the ability to watch TV anywhere there is an internet connection. Laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry or Windows 7 Device, your entire PVR/DVR is only click away. [On sale for $179.99 $158.95 on Amazon]

Hate commercials, but can’t afford a DVR/PVR in these tough economic times? Welcome to the wonderful world of Apps, a handy-dandy way to quickly kill two minutes when you’ve run out of trips to the bathroom and/or refrigerator! Love to spell? May we suggest the maddeningly addictive Scrabble-esque Words with Friends! Have a Katherine Heigl royalty complex? We Rule gives you the opportunity to build your very own kingdom! Hate The Walking Dead? Help protect your house from Zombies with the help of some very powerful Plants! Or at the risk of suggesting games that will have you not just skipping commercials, but rather entire hours on end, feel free to check out Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Bejeweled Blitz… at your own risk.

Magazine Subscriptions
As much as we like to make jokes at print media’s expense, a gig at Entertainment Weekly is still on our bucket list. Which is why, in an effort to ensure that “our bible” is still around should that day ever come, we thought we’d take this opportunity to pay it forward. Breaking News: Print magazines still exist! What’s more, not only have they never been more affordable, unlike an iPad or iPhone, they’re far less likely to electrocute oneself should their owner inexplicably decide to them into a bubble bath! [See subscriptions for Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, and Vanity Fair]

Paley Festival on iTunes
Whether your reason for failing to attend last year’s Paley Festival has to do with a lack of funds, or an aversion to getting molested by a TSA agent, have we got the next best thing for you: The Paley Festival on iTunes, where the stars and creators of your favorite television shows (WEEDS, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, HOUSE, GREY’S ANATOMY, and GOSSIP GIRL to name a few) converge throughout the year for live and unscripted discussions. It’s all the fun and informative entertainment of being there, with the added bonus of being able to fast-forward through some of the inane fan questions and self-indulgent moderators. [Visit iTunes to check out 30 plus episodes available for only $1.99 a piece]

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  • Not to knock the newly-released Paley Center DVDs, but at $17.99 to $19.95 they are somewhat overpriced versus the far more affordable $1.99 downloads. Since there is a good chance the above commenter is a representative from the Paley Center, can I ask if one gets any extras by purchasing the DVD versus the digital download?