On behalf of Everyone North of the 49th Parallel, theTVaddict.com Would Like to Publicly Apologize for the Following…

Or as we say up here in Canada, “We’re Sor • ee.”

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  • How on earth are people watching this show? It’s preposterous!!

  • Chris-wait

    I live in Winnipeg and personally have not met a single person who watches this show. I talk tv with all my friends and I have no idea who is watching this :S

  • I thought people just watched it because it aired on the channel that was generally on. I thought people were used to those kind of crappy ($#*!ty?) comedies so this one didn’t seem that bad to them. But it being the #1 show is really, really not good.

  • Liz

    I’m a Canadian, and I don’t watch it. I don’t know anyone who is either. So who these mysterious 1.78 million people are, they are certainly not anyone I know.