• SUPERNATURAL: Why it still rocks.
• Living up to their namesake as in sly as a… FOX exec spills on their FRINGE ‘deathslot’-spoofing promo and plans to attract new viewers.
• Being Eric?! Erin Karpluk’s take on ABC’s just announced adaptation of BEING ERICA.
• Bloody Scoop! Sam Trammell teases TRUE BLOOD season 4.
• Showtime cashes in their chip, announcing Scott Buck will succeed Chip Johannessen for DEXTER’s upcoming sixth season.
• Proving the Hollywood Foreign Press aren’t they only organization capable of making boneheaded decisions, comes the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Nominations. (HOT IN CLEVELAND for best ensemble in a comedy? Really!)

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  • Nick

    Come on, dude, give Hot in Cleveland a break. Betty White and Wendie Malick are two of the funniest ladies to ever grace the small screen. I don’t deny them any accolades, especially ones bestowed by their peers…which, I’m sure, means more to most actors than other frivolous awards.

  • Ace

    See…this is where I have to admit to being a wimp. I’m really hoping that Fox doesn’t go too far down the “horror” road. I love Fringe, but the seemingly similar show Supernatural scares the crap out of me. Can’t watch it. And I’m sure the last thing they want to do is lose viewers by going too far.

  • I don’t think they are changing the show. The show already has an element of horror to it and has from the very first episode. I think they are just changing how they are promoting the show. Which I think is cool. There is a lot of depth to Fringe and you can be a fan of different genres and everyone will still get something out of it week to week.