We Cast ABC’s BEING ERICA Reboot

Following yesterday’s news that has ABC developing a U.S. version of the Canadian hit BEING ERICA, it was only natural that our twitter stream flooded with suggestions as to who would be the perfect actress to take the reins from Canada’s Erica (Erin Karpluk). That said, despite some truly fantastic suggestion from the likes of @insidethetube, @tvdonewright and @ruebenrambling, who got the ball rolling with such deserving actresses as Shiri Appleby (LIFE UNEXPECTED), Autumn Reeser (NO ORDINARY FAMILY), and Katie Cassidy (GOSSIP GIRL) respectively, we’ve compiled what we believe to be, the definitive¬†dream cast. See for yourself, after the jump.

“Erica Strange”: Not only does SMALLVILLE star Erica Durance have a proven track-record of mixing heartfelt and humor, she’s got the whole first name thing already down pat.

“Dr. Tom”: Assuming he’s actually capable of growing facial hair, Josh Malina would be a really interesting choice for Dr. Tom. Unless of course he’s too busy twittering, in which case Richard Schiff ankd/or a moustache-free Bradley Whitford would also fit the bill quite nicely.

Boss “Julianne”: If six seasons of stealing on GILMORE GIRLS taught us anything, it’s that nobody plays an antagonistic sidekick with a cold outer shell that will eventually warm up to a lovely leading lady like Liza Weil (Paris Geller). Plus, it saves us from writing our annual “why-isn’t-Liza-Weil-back-on-TV!” rant we post each and every pilot season.

Co-Worker “Brent”: Conniving metrosexual underling with a biting wit. Paging Michael Urie line one.

Best Friend “Jenny”: Since everybody knows, a US show is now only as good as it’s obligatory DEGRASSI alum, Paula Brancati should most definitely keep the role she originated on the Canadian hit.

Parents “Gary” and “Barbara Strange”: Neurotic Jewish divorced parents has real-life best friends Andrea Martin and Victor Garber written all over them!

Younger Sister “Samantha Strange”: Emily VanCamp or Amanda Bynes, take your pick.

Love Interest “Ethan”: With apologies in advance to the affable actor, nobody screams unadventurous object of the protagonist’s affection like all around nice guy Kerr Smith.

“Kai”: Perfectly timed for GLEE to officially jump the shark in a year or two will come the second season introduction that is the focal point of BEING ERICA’s second season. Rocker-turned-Barista Kai, to be played by none other than Darren Criss!

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  • Nick

    I’m sure those suggestions would mean a lot more if I’d ever seen the show. Has ANYone in America seen the show?

  • Erica Durance is a good pick. I mentioned her in my post. She actually looks old enough to play the part, which is very important in my mind. A lot of the names being mentioned either are too young or look too young.

    I love the idea of Michael Urie as Brent, although it means he’s getting typecast. But he’s so good.

  • I’ll watch anything with Erica Durance so I hope she gets this show. But I have a question, is she even interested? I’m sure she’ll be available since Smallville is ending this year, but does she even know this opportunity is out there? Someone should contact her agent! ūüôā

  • Oh, and my personal pick for Erica: Amy Acker.

  • Ggny000

    Erica Durance has got to be the most perfect pick ever for this

  • emily

    Love that Dr. Tom should apparently only be played by a West Wing alum.

    That should be a general rule in casting every part on television, I think.

  • Luke

    Great article! Never seen the original show but I’ll watch anything starring Erica, she’s a true talent!

  • shanna

    I have and I love it. To be honest I think ABC should just air the original. It doesn’t need a reboot at all.

  • I actually think Diane Neal (best known as Casey Novak from SVU) would make a great Erica. She is gorgeous, old enough to play someone with many regrets (the whole basis of the show) and can handle comedy as well as drama.

    anyways thats my 2 cents ūüôā

    Oh and I love the idea of Liza Weil as Juilanne

  • Guest

    I think Autumn reeser, 
     Rachel Leigh Cook or maybe Shiri.. as Erica Strange. I DO NOT agree with 
    Liza Weil as Julianne because Liza seems more of a type to play the role of Antigone Morris in the show. Julianne is too perky for Liza..I also do not agree with Kerr Smith as Ethan..I dont have any other suggestions to who it should be. But I’d like to see another option to play ¬†Ethan. ¬†And for Samantha Strange… I do not know about Amanda Bynes or Emily. And Between the two options for Dr. Tom I choose Bradley. And Micheal Urie is good for Brent.¬†