Our 2010 TV Year in Review (Part I)

Worst Name For A Great New Character: Lumen Pierce? Seriously, DEXTER?
Standout Episode Of A Show Having A Mediocre Season: THE OFFICE’s outing titled “Andy’s Play” showed the series at it’s very best, which is something we haven’t seen much of this year.
Most Genre-Defying Sitcom: Zombies? Paintball apocalypse? Heartfelt emotions? One never knows what one will get when tuning into COMMUNITY… and that’s a good thing.
Guilty Pleasure We’re Not Feeling So Guilty About: Last year, GOSSIP GIRL wasn’t giving anyone much reason to talk about it. But this year — thanks to Chuck and Blair’s relationship and the addition of Katie Cassidy’s Juliet — we’re back to agreeing when Kristen Bell’s voice urges us to admit, “You know you love me!” 

Oddest Ad: The mind-bending, creepy promo for LOST’s “The Last Recruit” episode featuring Gene Wilder’s terrifying rant from the 1970’s children’s flick Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.
Most Insulting Use Of A News Division: 20/20’s two hour “investigation” into THE BACHELOR was nothing but an attempt to bolster a much-maligned, flagging show.
The Too-Little, Too-Late Award: When FLASHFORWARD came back from its mid-season break, it was with a jaw-dropping opening scene and several brilliant twists… all of which played to an audience too small to keep it alive.
Most Welcome Return, Reality Division: We were sad when sassy Anthony got the boot from PROJECT RUNWAY… and thrilled when a week later, when another contestant quit, he was invited back.

The Mountain-Out-Of-A-Molehill Award: ESPN actually managed to turn Lebron James’ announcement of which team he’d be blessing with his presence into an hour-long special.
Celeb Most Likely To Binge Drink Thanks To A Bad Year: David Hasselhoff was the first contestant booted off his season of DANCING WITH THE STARS, then had the plug pulled on his reality show, THE HASSELHOFFS, after only two episodes.

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  • Charles Carmichael

    2010 was the year that I became hooked on Community! I actually came late to the party. Just started watching it last month. I watched the entire 1st season in about a week. Caught up on the 2nd season a few days after. It’s now my favorite show, with Dexter coming in a close 2nd.

    BTW, I kinda like the name Lumen. At least it’s original.

    TV Addict, I would like to see your personal list of top 10 favorite shows of 2010. I know Aleks Chan did one last week but I would enjoy seeing your list.

  • Hey Charles,
    My top 10 will be posted before Dick Clark rings in the new year. When exactly I’m not 100%, but rest assured, it will be posted, and spoiler alert, COMMUNITY will be on the list.

  • Charles Carmichael

    Whooo Hooo! I knew that I could count on you to include COMMUNITY! I’m looking forward to your top 10 list! I’m working on mine. Hard to narrow it down but I almost have it.