Our 2010 TV Year in Review (Part III)

Best Break-up: In the often over-the-top world of BROTHERS & SISTERS, Scotty and Kevin’s marital woes provided some of the season’s best drama.
The Maybe-This-Thing-Has-Run-It’s-Course Award: We still love SVU, the the L.A.-based version of LAW & ORDER is the redheaded-stepchild of the franchise.
Most Undignified Death (Spoiler Alert!): Poor Tom Shayes of DAMAGES wound up being drowned in a toilet bowl.
Best Real Guest On A Fake News Show: Whenever Brian Williams spars with Jon Stewart on THE DAILY SHOW, a good time is guaranteed.

Reality Host Most Deserving Of An Emmy: How the hell does SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE’s Cat Deely never get a nod?
Show You’ve Never Heard Of But Should Be Watching: INFOMANIA on Current-TV. Find it. Well, first, find the network, then find the show, which is an impossible-to-describe must-see for any fan of pop culture.
Train Wreck We Couldn’t Stop Watching: Knowing that Kelsey and Camille Grammer would soon be headed to divorce court put their stilted interactions on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS in a whole new light. 
Pundits Most In Need Of Valium: Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly may come from opposite sides of the political spectrum, but both could use better meds. When you get that worked up about everything, it’s hard for us to tell what’s worth, you know, actually getting worked up about.
New Series We’re Only Slightly Ashamed To Admit We Love: Holy HELLCATS, the cheerleading cheesefest is fun. Don’t judge us! (Okay, fine, go ahead and judge.)
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  • You should do a story on the fans fight to bring Legend of the Seeker back on air TV Addict. The awesome, action packed adventure is based on the bestselling books of Terry Goodkind. There are fan bases in Italy, France, New Zealand, Germany and the United States. The fans’ Save Our Seeker campaign is supported by author Terry Goodkind and has raised over 31,000 dollars to buy advertisements in Variety and the Hollywood Reporter. The SOS team also bought billboard space and made their presence known at DragonCon, ComicCon and RingCon. STARZ might pick the series up. There are so many rumors. Could you give us the straight scoop. The show is produced by the same creative minds who gave us Xena, Hercules and Spartacus.

  • Nick

    I love(d) the show, too, but I fear this is too little, too late.

  • Anything that puts Tabrett Bethell back on my tv gets my full support.

  • Mstewart30

    InfoMania is great… too bad they took off full episodes on their website 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Gawd! I’d sell my soul for this to go back on air! lol, I bought the first 2 books then i found out that it is basically the first 2 seasons. I might as well buy the rest, to see how it ends. But to anyone out there, after Cara “killed” Denna…does she somehow come back in the series? Any hint would great! 😉