Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Celebrities We’d Love to See Less (Or None) of in 2011

Piers Morgan
During his stint on THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE, the tabloider-turned-reality ho claimed not to know who Omarossa was or why she was a star. Later, he lost the respect of Stephen Baldwin, who said he should be fired for his antics. People, when you lose the respect of Stephen Baldwin? Yeah, it’s time to call it quits.

The Pratts
After Spencer was arrested for trying to board a plane with a gun, he was banned from the country of Costa Rica. Quick. Someone book him and Heidi on the next flight from here to anywhere.

The Kardashians
Unless of course someone, anyone, wants to explain to us why exactly these people are famous?

David Hasselhoff
Is it wrong that we were glad A&E pulled the plug on The Hoff’s show? Sorry, but just because someone is a train wreck doesn’t mean we should be watching their lives derail.

Sarah Palin
Is there really any need for an explanation? We thought not.

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  • Sorry to tell you your wish won’t be granted regarding Piers. He’s Larry King’s replacement. At least it’s late night?

  • Losing the respect of Stephen Baldwin is very easy.

    That being said Piers is a goon.

  • Nick

    Boy, that list could be expanded to 25…easily.

  • Kelly

    How is Justin Bieber NOT on that list…he is the top on my list of “celebrities” I’d like to never see again…

    However, the ones you did list…I agree on all points!

    Oooh, Kate Gosselin…that’s another. Wait, this list could get extreme.

  • Ace

    I’d add your suggestions and the whole cast of Jersey Shore. It will be a wonderful day when their 15 minutes are over.

  • Kelly

    Ace, absolutely! They never should have had a 15 minutes to begin with…