Our 2010 TV Year in Review (Part IV)

Most Shocking Finale: GREY’S ANATOMY unleashed a shooter on the staff and kept us on the edge of our seats.

Best New Series, Kickass Division: Fun dialogue, sexy subplots and action sequences to die for make NIKITA — and star Maggie Q — the one to beat. Not that you could if you tried.

Most Promising Cliffhanger, Never-Resolved Division: In the final moments of FLASHFORWARD, the world experienced another blackout before the screen went dark for the final time.

Summer Series Most In Need Of A Facelift: Everything about BIG BROTHER has become stale, including host Julie Chen. Well, she hasn’t “become” stale. She always was.

Most Disgusting Competition On A Reality Show: We’d rather eat bugs then be forced to re-watch the BACHELOR PAD episode in which contestants answered questions like “Who had the worst boob job?” and “Who will always be a bridesmaid, but never a bride?”
Worst Storyline, Daytime Division: GENERAL HOSPITAL thug Sonny Corinthos — the show’s hero — shot an unarmed cop at point-blank range. 
Best Storyline, Daytime Division: Thanks to pumping music, masks and a case of mistaken identity, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Brooke “accidentally” slept with the boyfriend of her teenage daughter. Hey, it could happen!
Reason We’re Still Watching GLEE: Frankly, the storytelling is so horrendous it nearly drove us away… until Darren Criss’ Blaine and the Warblers came along.
Least Self-Aware Pseudo Celebrity: Watching THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA’s Kim Zolciak try carving out a career as a “singer” made us furious on behalf of all the truly gifted folks out there not given the platform her lazy, talent-free butt undeservedly has. 
Best Sense Of Humor: Between it’s weekly self-mocking title card (“All I Want For Christmas Is A New Title” or “100% Cougar Free”) and litany of running gags (Jules pulling out “the guns” or the giant wine glass known as “Big Joe”), COUGAR TOWN wins this one, hands down.
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  • Nikita? Best New Series? I’m starting to question your tastes…

  • Nick

    Frankly, I don’t get the “Darren Criss mania” at all.

    But I do agree that Cougar Town is a very funny comedy. Kudos to ABC for their entire Wed. night block. (See, other nets who’ve given up on comedy…well, only one, actually…it’s not that hard to find funny people and funny scripts. Why not try it?)

  • It’s from the Kickass Division. Which other new show is there?

  • Yeah, I didn’t expected much from Nikita, but it turned out to be much worse. I don’t understand all the hype around it. I feel similarly for Vampire Diaries. I find Hellcats better than both these combined.

    The best show in the last couple of years is Fringe without anything else coming even close.

    But talking about anyone’s taste in TV or movies is as usually pointless.

  • Not a lot of freshmen shows have survived this year. Maybe that’s why Nikita got the nod. Fringe is definitely my favorite show right now, but as far as new shows go none of them really stand out to me. I like Blue Bloods and Detroit 187 well enough but they are just standard cop stuff still. H50 is a lightweight too. Raising Hope has been pretty funny, but I can never remember to watch it. There just wasn’t that many new shows that survived or stood out much. Last fall seemed bad but this one was probably the worst in a long time.

  • I was very disappointed by new shows this year. There wasn’t a single one to be considered fresh and original or at least above the average in it’s genre. Blue Bloods is good, but I am getting sick and tired of cop shows. And apart from Fringe there is no SciFi shows worth watching: The Event is one of the worst things seen on TV in the last decade, Stargate Universe failed (and it’s done for it), Caprica tried too much. I still have some hope for V when it returns (but not much).

    Worst of all, I don’t see anything changing anytime soon, producers don’t want to risk with some new bold ideas, as long as CSI/NCIS and all other cops/lawyers shows are bringing in the money.

    Fortunately, we have DVD/Blu-Ray so I can watch Firefly, Farscape (watching it now for 20-th or so time) and other good and old shows whenever I want.

  • Game of Thrones is coming to HBO. That’s big. I loved Caprica (a mafia/scientists/terrorists drama with robots…not for everyone but it was for me) but when you have one season that spanned three years it is hard to get anything going. I liked SGU well enough too. I tend to like my scifi darker and right now Fringe is all that’s out there. It’s near perfection as it is, but still just one hour a week.

    Otherwise I’ve been watching a lot on DVD. I mainlined the new-to-me The Wire which is the only cop show that should have ever been made and has ruined me for every other cop show. If you’ve not watched ROME or Carnivale those are essential viewing. HBO and it’s few peers have been great for a long time. It’s the “big” 4-5 that have been struggling creatively.

  • Yeah, I forgot about Game of Thrones, that looks promising. I have read all books so far and teasers on HBO so far look really good. HBO always had good shows, I have seen Rome several times, Carnivale as well. But, HBO tends also to kill the shows after couple of seasons. There are many old shows that are great, and I try to get as many as I can on DVD or Blu-Ray if available.

  • Abby

    Thanks for the links to the other parts! 🙂