Our 2010 TV Year in Review (Part V)

Best New Comedy: How can we not give this to RAISING HOPE? Any show that has a grandma say of the family’s new addition, “Maybe your baby is just a bitch?” is okay in our book.
Worst Trend: Fewer episodes, more reruns.
Stunt Casting Gone Awry, Daytime Division: Yes, yes, GENERAL HOSPITAL. We saw James Franco the first time he brought his freak show to Port Charles. And the second. Now, you’re telling us there’s a third and a fourth visit slated? How’s that working out for you ratings wise?
Stunt Casting Gone Awry, Primetime Division: Hey, GLEE, how about you stop featuring a new big-name guest star each week and instead focus on stories for the characters we actually care about.
Best Mid-Season Cliffhanger: Explosions and cylons and suicides, oh my! CAPRICA gave us the most exciting finale since the Borg kidnapped Captain Jean-Luc Picard and ended with the ominous line, “I am Locutus of Borg.”

Most Uncomfortable Interview: Watching THE BACHELOR “winners” Jake and Vienna tear each other apart made us embarrassed for them and us.
Best Emmy Package: The cast of MODERN FAMILY discussing changes to be made in season 2. (Including Gloria’s boobs in 3-D and everyone fighting to be George Clooney’s love interest!)
Biggest Letdown: GLEE’s take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show should have been a rollickin’ good time but instead was as watered down as a high-school production of Showgirls.
Most Surprising Comeback: We’d all-but written off DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES before it came roaring back with fantastic storylines surrounding Paul’s return and the reveal that one of Gaby’s daughter’s had been switched at birth.
The “You-Get-An-A-For-Effort-But-Don’t-Try-So-Hard” Award: While we appreciated COMMUNITY’s stop-motion-animation Christmas episode, it wasn’t nearly as entertaining (or funny) as the simple, heartfelt episode surrounding Troy’s 21st birthday.

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  • To be fair, Chris Harrison’s “we don’t care about the dog” part of that interview was great.

  • To be fair, Chris Harrison’s “we don’t care about the dog” part of that interview was great.

  • Abby

    So agree about Glee. Enough with the guest stars! There’s never enough time for the main characters and they just keep adding characters each year too.