Our 2011 New Year’s Resolution Is To…

From eating healthier to putting a stop to our fiscally irresponsible TV on DVD purchases, your very own TV Addict is embarrassed to admit that our track-record for keeping New Year’s Resolutions is spotty at best. So in leu of our traditional end-of-year post that has us setting lofty goals like cutting back on hours spent in front of the small screen (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, why can’t we quit you?) or improving of PVR/DVR management skills (We swear, we’re totally planning on watching those last three episode of THE EVENT that we’ve been saving since November), we’ve decided to narrow down our resolutions resolution to one very simple goal for the year: Watch three shows that have been gathering dust on our DVD shelf for more time than we care to remember. How about you?

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  • Charles Carmichael

    I’m proud of you! Buffy is the best!!!!!

  • Nick

    Just thinking back over 7 amazing years of Buffy…Angel, Spike & Drusilla, The First, Angelus, The Master, The Anointed One, good and Bad Willow, Oz, Glory, Faith, The Ascension, The Key, Watcher’s Council, Caleb, the Underground, Kendra….

    It’s one of those rare shows that you just can’t *believe* anyone could imagine (and pull off) something so great.

  • Nick

    OMG: …Dracula…the chilling revelation of Once More With Feeling….how was this show never nominated for an Emmy?

  • Cam3150

    You will love Buffy!! I am partial to the first 3-4 seasons myself. To me it was never the same after Angel left and Willow went all freaky.

    I never watched the last 3 eps of V. I went to watch them the other day and apparently my DVR decided I didn’t need to and deleted them who knows how long ago. Maybe it’s a sign that I don’t need to start up with that show again. The thought of trying to track them down to watch feels like drudgery, especially when I have so many other things recently recorded that I need to get caught up on.

  • Awesome. Three of the greatest shows of all-time! Sigh, I wish I could get amnesia and watch them all over again… My resolution is to watch: Big Love, Doctor Who, Supernatural (have not seen since season 3) and Spartacus: Blood and Sand (horrible, HORRIBLE pilot, but I keep hearing good things).

  • I just started Buffy a couple of months back too. Will finish season 5 of it and season 2 of Angel by tomorrow (I think Buffy season 4 onwards its supposed to be good to watch it along with Angel).

    And you still haven’t watched Breaking Bad?!

    Six Feet Under is gathering dust here too, but its just going to gather more dust, as after Buffy and Angel, I’m gonna have to go through Robot Chicken, The Shield and The Wire, and catch up with shows I care relatively less for, like Gossip Girl, Glee and No Ordinary Family.
    Oh and I have to watch Alias too.

  • Nick

    Angel is one spinoff that was nearly as flawless as the original (Buffy). Especially liked the later years after Conner arrived.

  • And I’m loving every moment of it. Joss Whedon’s shows have great characters.

    I just began Season 3 today, so I haven’t yet met Connor.