Your Ultimate Guide to the Best of the Web: New Year’s Resolutions Edition

It’s the time of year for New Year’s resolutions, however for many of us those optimistic lists we make will never be more than lists. But remember that the Internet is full of web videos that can help you finally accomplish those goals. Here’s a countdown of popular resolutions and web videos you can use to work on them.

TEN! “Get a Better Career”: The Job Club is a web series with tips on things like improving your current career, finding a new job, and starting a business.

NINE! “Travel More”: The Frugal Traveler gives advice on how to see the world on a budget.

EIGHT! “Get More Exercise”¬† Find workouts, fitness tips and more at Exercise TV.

SEVEN! “Quit Smoking”: This Web MD video gives advice on how to finally quit smoking.

SIX! “Learn a New Hobby”: Craftylish has How-To videos on all sorts of different crafts.

FIVE! “Be a Volunteer”: To get yourself pumped up to help others, watch this news story about what some volunteers did this holiday season.

FOUR! “Get Organized”: Good Housekeeping magazine offers this web series about organizing your home.

THREE!“Be Less Stressed”: This video by Red Orbit gives advice on how to feel less stressed around the holidays.

TWO! “Eat Better”: Eating Smart shows you how to make meals that are good for you but still delicious.

ONE! “Get Out Of Debt” Experian is a global credit information group, and now they’re sharing their financial knowledge in the web series Experian US.

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