On TV Tonight: Monday January 3, 2011

NET 8PM 8:30PM 9PM 9:30PM 10PM 10:30PM
ABC The Bachelor Castle
CBS How I Met
Your Mother
Rules of
Two and a
Half Men
Mike &
Hawaii Five-0
CW 90210 (R) Gossip Girl (R)
FOX House (R) Lie to Me (R)
NBC Chuck (R) Biggest Loser: Where Are They Now? (R)
Pretty Little Liars Greek
MISC The Craigslist Killer (Lifetime)

Alan becomes paranoid when Lyndsey becomes friends with Charlie. And considering what happened with Charlie’s last “friend,” we’re gonna have to side with Alan here.

When “American Movie Classics” is airing a movie most notable for a topless Halle Berry, perhaps it’s time for AMC to consider a name change. Just throwing that out there.

Good News: GREEK fans will get a double dose of star Jake McDorman when he headlines tonight’s ripped-from-the-headlines Lifetime movie. Bad News: The headline reads “Craigslist Killer Strikes Again!”

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  • A new Castle?! Thank goodness. I was in rerun hell really bad. I started to use Redbox for the first time and even watched a rerun of Cold Squad at one point. It was getting bad.

  • Added bonus, THAT 70’s SHOW Laura Prepon guests as an actress vying for the role of “Nikki Heat.” And on a somewhat related note, while on vacation in the US over the holiday I got a chance to check out Redbox for the first time, very very cool. Wish we had it up here in Canada.

  • Ace

    Those things are so insanely popular down here that I’m surprised that they haven’t made it to Canada yet. There is usually a line to use them despite them being at every gas station/drugstore/grocery store. How did the Blockbuster people miss two huge ways they could have stayed in business…first the Netflix model, now Redbox.

  • As cool as redbox was, the definite downside was waiting in line for 20 minutes as a family in front of me attempted to all agree on a movie!

    And as for Blockbuster, it’s almost laughable that they think i’ll spend 4.99 for a movie that I can rent for a dollar down the street.

  • Redbox was easy, but it was 15F out and my fingers were freezing while using the machine. There are some indoor ones, but most of the indoor ones were out of movies over the holiday weekend. I checked online before I went out. If Canada ever gets them they better think about having a better % indoor. Anyway, for mainstream movies Redbox is good. Netflix is still better if you want a wider variety.