Infographic: Why CW President Dawn Ostroff will be leaving the network at the end of the season

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  • Moni

    (shakes head) I completely agree. ABCFamily is the new CW.

  • Anonymous

    Yep. The CW wishes it could be half as successful (and half as good) as ABC Family.

    It’s also more proof that the quality of a show matters. While Pretty Little Liars might still be a guilty pleasure teen show, it’s very entertaining and has a certain amount of intrigue. It’s so much better than Gossip Girl could ever hope to be.

  • I actually disagree. Yes, Pretty Little Liars has a very interesting plot, however the characters are just so predictably stupid and poorly acted that it makes the show a lot more annoying. While Gossip Girl is not a perfect show, it still has “some” intelligence and wit to it. Mostly due to Leighton Meester though. I also thought Katie Cassidy added a lot of intrigue to the show, which it has lacked ever since it’s first season. None of the shows I would dub quality shows though, and frankly the only good show on ABCFamily nowadays is “Greek”, which is ending, so go figure.

  • Nope, Gossip Girl is just plain old whack to me. Got tired of it during season two and it became a chore just to finish that season out. Pretty Little Liars has more then just two interesting characters ( Chuck and Blair on GG), and the story lines feel more realistic and interesting.

    I don’t give a crap about rich slutty girls anymore. Looking at the ratings Gossip Girl has never even come close to reaching 4 million viewers, so obviously the show is missing something.

  • Each to their own. Season 2 and 3 of GG were admittedly awful. Season 4 been great so far (again, much due to the introduction of Juliet). Your point about rich slutty girls is of course true, but aren’t all of the characters on PLL rich slutty girls (not to mention incredibly vapid and stupid)? I think what sets them apart for me is that GG from time to time knows that its ridiculous and uses that to its advantage, whereas PLL is just too self-absorbed to understand how ridiculous it truly is. Another reason I prefer GG is because the characters are so well-defined, whereas PLL (which Daniel Fienberg from pointed out in his review) has literally not a single character with their own individual voice. Of course, this might not be the issue in two or three years if the characters get to develop beyond their stereotypes, which certainly they must. However the show might also have a problem when the ‘A’-mystery is solved, and unless the go the Veronica Mars season-long mystery route (now see that was good, actual quality show), will solely have it’s boring characters to fall back on.

    In other news, I can’t believe I even bothered to write a single word about either crappy “slutty teen girls with unrealistically melodramatic problems” shows. On either crappy network (though I do love me some Greek and Vampire Diaries).

  • I don’t think the girls on Pretty Little Liars are rich, but (aside from Hanna’s mom) they also aren’t struggling either. As far as slutty none of the girls strike me as slutty. The only girl I can think of is Alison and possibly Spencer.

    The women and men on Gossip Girl screw anything that moves. I think PLL will have a season long mystery every season after A is revealed similar to Desperate Housewives. Whether they can pull it off that remains to be seen, but god knows Gossip Girl failed epically in season one with that Serena “I killed someone” story line. Millions of little girls were face palming every where!

  • Nick

    The worst part is: The CW was developing Pretty Little Liars for itself…then dropped it.

    Gotta admit, I tuned in PLL last night (1st time). I’m intrigued by the mystery, and the cast has some hot faces. [CW made a big mistake no renewing Privileged.]

    I won’t write off GG, as it has been more tolerable this season, but I am so tired of anything involving Chuck/Blair, I could scream. I can’t even stand seeing Leighton Meester in those Country Strong promos. There better be mystery when GG returns later in Jan.

  • Ameliaheartsu

    What about Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, and Smallville – shows that this blog always has something good to say about?

  • Nick

    Agree…CW does very well with that genre. They’ve really messed up the teen soaps, for some reason. 90210’s start was a disaster…only now has it rebounded strong. Melrose? Beautiful Life? OTH has more downs than ups. And GG, while once a buzzy show, has lost its cache due to boring stories and reliance on the C/B nonsense.

    Hope this pilot development season brings much more intrigue. And not necessarily the Nikita type, either.

  • Hey All,

    Just wanted to clarify. The infographic isn’t a comment on the quality of CW vs ABC Family shows. But rather the astounding success of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS ratings wise.

  • Oddly enough, I’m being generous to GG which opened the season at 1.92 million viewers.

  • Abby

    at least the CW has a few quality shows like Supernatural and the Vampire Diaries. I loved Huge on AFC but they of course canceled it in favor of the shallow soaps like Pretty Little Liars and Secret Life of the American Teenager.