We Preview the New Season of V with Scott Wolf

Allow us to set the scene: It’s an unseasonably chilly August morning in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia. Hundreds of angry protestors have surrounded the entrance to CBC’s [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] Headquarters. In the middle of which is your very own TV Addict, huddled amidst a gaggle of television reporters. It starts to rain. As we attempt to shield ourselves from the downpour, it slowly dawns on us, this isn’t just any type of rain, it’s Red! Suffice to say, we’re not in Kansas anymore, heck, we’re not even in Vancouver! Where we are, as luck would have it, is New York City, on the steps of the Visitor’s Healing Center, just minutes away from coming face to-face with one of the planet’s most self-important and recognizable faces: Chad Decker, Television Reporter! Or, to be more specific, his portrayer Scott Wolf who was kind enough — when he wasn’t quizzing us on the point of twitter or discussing his unfortunate obsession with reality TV — to tease just what’s in store for his character on the second season of V.

Before we get into tonight’s premiere, we’re wondering if you could reflect on last season?
Scott Wolf: I don’t think it’s much of a secret that we definitely had a few bumps in the road last year, that said, any first year series probably experience some of that. V is a huge show, with a giant cast, an epic story and a big mythology and it seemed like having everyone on the same page was difficult last year. Where as this year it feels completely different, like they’ve used the time to figure out all the things out that they might not have figured out before.

So we’d be correcting in assuming that you’re happier with the direction V’s second season is headed thus far?
So far so good! We’re in the middle of shooting our first episode so we’ve just scratched the surface, but it’s good to be back, so much better than the alternative (Read: Cancellation). What’s more, everyone agrees on the plan for both the story and the individual characters, so there really is that feeling of being ahead of the game. Unlike last year, which was very chaotic and the fact that a show aired every Tuesday was sort of miraculous. Particularly having already seen the first two scripts, everyone’s really optimistic.

Moving more specifically to your character, last season Chad Decker made a name for himself by securing unprecedented access to Anna. Unfortunately, said access came at a steep price, that price being helping the V put the wool over the public’s eyes. Will this season see Chad make amends for what he’s done?
It’s a hard show to talk about without giving things away, but pretty immediately we see a Chad Decker who has seen the light. That said, we still don’t know what he’ll do. He’s not proven himself to be a person that once he knows, will fight for the right side. What I can say is that in the very first episode, we see Chad for the first time truly declare his allegiance to one side.

Wherever his loyalties lies, will they stick?
Again because of the way the guy is built and who he is, I don’t think that there’s a forever, but his loyalties are going to stick for a while. I think everyone’s allegiances were sort of tested towards the end of last year and his will continue to be tested just because he’s a vulnerable human being. Despite what he now knows, he wants certain things out of his life and one of them is to continue to rise in his lifetime. And so even if he finds different avenues to get there I think that’s still what he’s after. In the beginning of the season he’s still in the middle, but he’s got work to do to convince both sides that he’s worth while. He’s sort of in a position to be a bit of a double agent to be fun.

Is it more fun playing a character who sort of skirts the line?
Absolutely. I think one of the funny things about the character is that he lives in this grey area. While a lot of other character who are pretty explicitly pro V or anti V, the fun of him in terms of playing him was that it was hard to tell who this guy really was and who he’ll be in the end. Not until the very end of the first season did we see him really come face to face with the truth for the fist time. One of the things that was interesting, and what people forget to some degree is what Chad has literally seen. Because it’s sort of easy for an audience to sit back and go, “What is he thinking, Anna’s a crazy evil alien and wants to kill us all!” But from his perspective — an this is an actor justifying things — he had only seen so much. He has seen her go onto the Island of Timbal, the equivalent of Haiti today, and heal the place. As far as he had been told he had been healed from a brain aneurysm that would have killed him so he had seen the good side of Anna. Admittedly, he’s built in a way where he’s looking for that and trying not to see the rest, but Anna’s made it easy for him to do. I’ve sort of always known that he could really be in the end a person that helps save the world or a person who helps destroy it. It’s kind of fun to stand in the body and even myself not know.

This season there’s been talk about meeting your father, what can you tell us about that?
All I know is… a little more than I can tell you! What I do know is that meeting Chad’s father explains a lot about why he is the way he is in the world and makes some of the decisions he’s made. His dad is in sort of a position of power and so it won’t just be a private Chad and his father sort of side story, it will be part of this big fabric of the Visitors and how the government is interacting with them. I’m excited about it because the first season is really just the big building blocks of the story so now things start to get a lot more personal and specific. Ultimately, this father story is one of those ones that will really serve to explain how a guy functions like Chad does.

Do you have a dream actor that you’d like to see play Chad’s dad?
A few years ago, I had a thing years ago through a friend where I wound up meeting Burt Reynolds and he was really great to me. An incredibly generous guy who round up putting me on EVENING SHADE, the show he did. And I know someone who worked with him recently and his name came up while we were at Comic Con, and I was like, “Oh, the father!” Knowing the character, it feels like he could do it, he’s brilliant and I actually just saw him in BURN NOTICE and he was so good, great, and funny.

V Returns Tuesday January 4 at 9PM on ABC (“A” Channel in Canada)

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