First Look: The LIFE UNEXPECTED Series Finale

Before the CW can bid adieu to LIFE UNEXPECTED, creator Liz Tigelaar has quite a bit to answer for. Thankfully for the show’s small, albeit very passionate fan base, she’ll have two-hours to attempt to give Baze, Cate, Lux and Ryan their respective happily ever afters. And here with your first look at “Teacher Schooled” and “Affair Remembered” airing back-to-back starting at 8PM this Tuesday January 18 on the CW is More first look photos of which can be found after the jump.

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  • I’m going to miss this show SOOOOO much. Was well written, wonderful cast and just not given a chance to find an audience.
    You will all be missed.

  • Kelly

    I am very sad to see this show go…however, I am glad that they are giving it a “proper” ending, and not just leaving people hanging…

  • I’m so sad just knowing this will be the final two episodes.:(

  • Gray

    The first season was attention grabbing but then it got bogged down with too much convoluted situations: 1.)Lux begins a relationship with a teacher and they romanticize a felony with this older man and this minor child and the audience is suppose to let this go under the banner of “love”; 2.) Baze still has no clue as to what his role is as a father when he still chasing skirt and still has no focus even on a job where he hooks up with his boss. Not a real world scenario when you just found out you have a daughter and you still want to be the playboy; 3.) Kate never seems to get her life right by rebounding into a marriage and the audience is suppose to root for a marriage that’s based on fraudulent feelings. Her’s is more of accepting a marriage because she has mixed feelings and just going along to be gong along in hopes of finding herself. Her relationship with her daughter needs counseling as she hasn’t come to terms with abandonment issues.