Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Our Most Anticipated Shows of 2011

Quick! What do you get when you combine the producing pedigree of Steven Spielberg, an ensemble that includes LIFE ON MARS’ Jason O’Mara, KINGS’ Allison Miller and DEGRASSI’S Landon Liboiron, with an epic adventure that has the Shannon family embarking on an incredible journey back in time to prehistoric earth (read: Dinosaurs!) as part of a massive experiment to save the human race? Well, aside from one really excited TV Addict, an automatic spot on our most anticipated TV Shows of 2011. [Premiering May 2011 on FOX]

To give you an idea of just how excited we are for the much-delayed return of PARKS AND RECREATION (Seriously, NBC is there anything they can’t do… wrong?) consider the following: We’d be perfectly content watching star Amy Poehler spend twenty-two minutes a week reading from a phone book. So you can imagine how much we’re looking forward to her reading from some of the sharpest scripts penned by some of the sharpest writers in the biz, while surrounded by an equally talented ensemble including Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt.

Between Courteney Cox’s Emmy worthy performance on COUGAR TOWN, Matt LeBlanc’s soon-to-be Emmy nominated new Showtime series EPISODES, and Matthew Perry’s probably-not-Emmy-winning-but-fun-nonetheless ABC laugher MR. SUNSHINE, those former FRIENDS really weren’t kidding around when they promised, “I’ll be there for you.” [COUGAR TOWN returns on January 5th at 9:30PM on ABC, CityTV in Canada. EPISODES premieres on Sunday January 10th at 9PM on Showtime, TMN in Canada. MR. SUNSHINE premieres on Wednesday February 9th at 9:30PM on ABC]

What’s that you say? This thirty-something TV Addict is waaaaayyyy too old to be looking forward to yet another series featuring a hormonal group of teenagers making incredibly bad decisions? Fair enough. But, what if we told you the that MTV’s SKINS is based on the hit UK smash that made a name for itself by taking your run-of-the-mill teen issues to the EXTREME!? Still not okay? Well too bad, because we sure as heck aren’t about to miss the Americanized version of SKINS, particularly if it’s even half as entertaining as its British counterpart. Feel free to judge us in the comments below. [Premieres Monday January 17 at 10PM on MTV, TMN in Canada]

The last time Shawn Ryan dabbled in a weekly cop drama we got THE SHIELD, a gritty and uncompromising series that did for cop dramas what ER did for hospital ones. Which is just one of the reasons we’re looking forward to THE CHICAGO CODE, a gripping new series that takes audiences on a ride through one of the most crime ridden and corrupt cities in America. The other reason… we’re still kicking ourselves for missing out on THE SHIELD and aren’t about to make the same mistake twice! [Premieres Monday February 7 on FOX at 9PM, Global in Canada]

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    I still think US Skins will be terrible compared to UK Skins, although finding out the original creator is running the US version does give me a bit of hope. Still, even the TV MA rating won’t allow them to show half the things that they did overseas.