Advertising Anarchy: How the CW *Should* Be Promoting SMALLVILLE’s Final Season!

As much as we absolutely adore the recently-released teaser poster for SMALLVILLE’s final season (Yes, we’re a complete sucker for clever use of shadow), we can’t help but think it’s missing a little something. Something that we’ve added in our latest instalment of Advertising Anarchy (Also known as our take on how networks might wish to consider promoting some of our favorite new and returning shows). Agreed?

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  • Cam3150

    Yes!! The final season will not be complete without Michael’s return. I would accept even just a few scenes. Surely he can grant the show and fans at least that much. It’s not as though he’s had a stellar career since he left. I am hoping that his return is kept completely under wraps and it is a huge shock when we see him. That would be awesome!!

    I do have to say — they have handled the Lex stuff this season in really interesting and creative ways. I am loving the new poster. It’s really cool and I’m also hoping we get at least a glimpse of Clark in the suit.

  • Johnsmith

    Well if they were going to be honest it should have been Erica Durance’s face, since she’s the only one I see on the screen in every episode. I thought this was Clark’s show. Not Lois and sometimes her boyfriend.