Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with V Star Charles Mesure

Despite Earth being on the precipice of all out war with a terrifying and powerful enemy we don’t understand and have little chance of defeating, one man can’t help but smile. That man? Charles Mesure, a journeyman actor who made the most of last season’s guest-starring stint as mercenary-turned-resistance fighter Kyle Hobbes to secure himself a promotion to series regular for V’s second season. But whose side is his character really on and is there any room for romance while saving the world from surprisingly good-looking reptiles? We caught up with Mesure on location in beautiful, albeit unseasonably cold Vancouver British Columbia in late August to find out.

What’s in store for Hobbes now that he’s a bonafide series regular?
Charles Mesure: At the end of season 1 we saw Hobbes doing a sort of clandestine deal with Marcus and he was saying, “Come and work for the V’s or else,” and Hobbes goes, “Well, bugger that, I’m going to head to the hills and you’ll never find me.” And he goes, “Well, maybe we can’t get to you but we can get to this person,” and he pulls out this photo which has quite the impact on Hobbes. And that’s the story we’re going to pursue for the moment.

Last season, Hobbes came across as a very reluctant member of the resistance, how do you feel the character has evolved from where we first saw him to where he is right now?
There’s a couple of things that have happened because in the beginning Hobbes didn’t know or care about the V’s. Well now he knows they are a very credible threat, so just from the pure survival standpoint he’s is kind of thinking, “Well, where’s the percentage in siding with the team that could potentially wipe out humanity.” So now he knows they’re a very credible threat and probably has to throw his hat in the ring to see them off. The other thing is that he’s been spending time with these resistance people and at some level he likes them and on some level he is loyal to them. So he’s in a state of conflict between those two things, the leverage that marcus has over him and also his own nature, which is to look after himself, to survive and make a sh*t load of money.

Is there any character you, as an actor, would like to spend more time with this season?
I really like the stuff with Elizabeth Mitchell, that’s always a lot of fun. She’s pretty cool, fun to hang out with and a very funny lady. Also, in front of the camera, she’ll make some choices that other people wouldn’t make. Although I wouldn’t mind spending some time with Morena [Baccarin] or Laura [Vandervoort], but I don’t see that in the near future.

What do you find most appealing about playing Hobbes?
He’s fantastic, because I truly do not know what is going to happen to him. You do episodic TV and you can tell a mile away usually what is going to happen to the character and with this I can’t. I’d like to think he’s going to side with the resistance and do the right thing, especially because I’ve been doing this for fifteen odd years and most of the time I’ve played the bad guy and it would be nice to get the girl and ride into the sunset. But anything can happen.

Might “anything” include a relationship?
I truly couldn’t argue with that at all. It was funny because last season Elizabeth and I would have these scenes and we sort of would add in little things, moments of flirtation and what not, and most of them didn’t get into the show, they sort of cut around it. But I’d love for Hobbes to fall into bed with just about any female actor on the show. But I used to write TV as well, and I know we’ve got so many story-lines and 42 minutes of commercial TV to tell it in, so there are entire pages of stuff that don’t make the show, let alone moments of flirtation, play and ad-lib. That said, I’d love Hobbes’ heart to come out in some way, that would be great.

V airs Tuesday at 9PM on ABC (“A” Channel in Canada)

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