Breaking News: Children, No Longer Our Future…

Or at least that’s our gut reaction to the inexplicable news courtesy of Entertainment Weekly that has last night’s third season premiere of JERSEY SHORE netting MTV an astounding 8.4 million viewers (4.2 in the 18-49 demo), making it the network’s most-watched series telecast of all time.

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  • Oh, my god!!! What is wrong with America? And this means even big salaries for the cast now.

  • Anonymous

    This is deserving of both an OMFG and a WTF. A 4.2 in the demo?!?! It tied freaking Grey’s Anatomy last night!!

    Honestly, I need someone to tell me what exactly is appealing about this show. This is so ridiculous.

  • Cheerleadcutie56

    They deserve it yay favorite show ever all of them are amazing and funny my dream is to meet all of them i am happy for them i have to say i was one of the 8.4 viewers a damn proud of it way to go jersey shoree best show on telivison yet(: <33 keep up the show amazing me and my mom and sister watch it everyweek and record it and re watch it to make sure we didnt miss anything and my aunt and uncle go to big jersey shore partys so funnn greatt show