The Oh No They Didn’t of the Week: Is it just us, or is BROTHERS & SISTERS coming perilously close to jumping the proverbial you-know-what by pairing Kevin and Scotty up with the most adorable adoptee since the gang from GROWING PAINS adopted Leonardo DiCaprio?

Funnest — If Most Difficult To Explain To Those Who Don’t Watch The Show — Twist: On CASTLE, Laura Prepon played an actress researching Beckett so she could play the big-screen version of our hero’s fictionalized take on his partner. (Trust us. It was a blast.)

Most Disappointed Producers: Clearly, the folks behind the scenes at THE BACHELOR hoped that having Brad confront the women he’d dumped last season would result in the kind of train-wreck they’d created during last season’s sit down with Brad and Vienna. Sadly for them, it was yet another indication of just how big a mistake giving the dumb lug another platform really was.

Best Farewell: Sure, we wish they’d have aired the episodes over five weeks instead of all at once. But Syfy’s marathon of the final CAPRICA’s gave viewers a bit of closure while at the same time setting up the world in which BLOOD & CHROME — the much-discussed pilot that will be set post-CAPRICA but pre-BATTLESTAR GALACTICA — will take place.

Most Disappointed Producers [Runner-Up]: MODERN FAMILY’s Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, whose worst nightmare — that being the onset of puberty in their pint-sized stars — seems to have started to kick in. Specifically in Nolan Gould (Luke) who may-or-may-not have shot up three inches since the last time we saw him!

Worst Trend: The completely overt and utterly over-the-top product placement littered throughout the so-called 37th ANNUAL PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD made Bobby’s equally shameless shilling for Diet Dr. Pepper on COUGAR TOWN seem almost Shakespearean in its cleverness. And not just because it elicited a personal response from co-creator Bill Lawrence via twitter. Okay, maybe a little.

Best Thing About Winter So Far: Thank you, Grilled Cheesus, for the seasonal version of ABC’s WIPEOUT… and the wonderfully-entertaining idiots who take on the obstacle course for our amusement.

Sudsy Moment Of The Week: THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Skye supposedly perished after falling into a… wait for it… wait for it… volcano. Sure, this technically happened last week, but we didn’t have this amazing column in which to report it last week. Deal.

Best Use of Numbers: After six seasons of ground-breaking, albeit somewhat frustrating viewing, investing 121 hours in watching LOST finally paid off… in the form of $150 dollars for those lucky LOST nerds fans who played the show’s numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, & 42) in Tuesday’s Mega Millions.

Worst use of Numbers: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s clever countdown from 50, the fascination with which came to a screeching halt when it dawned on us just what exactly it was counting down to. RIP Marshall’s dad.

The Week in Rewind Contributors: Couch Tater, Tiffany Vogt and the TV Addict.

  • Loved this post! Hope it becomes a regular feature.

  • Thanks for the kind words, and “regular feature” is the plan.

  • The writing on Brothers and Sisters this season has sucked beyond belief.

  • i believe you forgot the word million in that Best Use of Numbers bit.