Good News, Bad News: WICKED, GLEE & HAWAII FIVE-0

Good News: ABC has given the green light to an eight-hour miniseries based on Wicked. Bad News: Not the musical version (of which Universal already holds the rights to) but rather the Gregory Maquire besteller on which the Broadway musical was based upon. Worse News: Becki Newton, who let’s face it, was born to play “Ga-linda,” is unfortunately unavailable as a result of her commitment to an NBC series that has yet to even be given an airdate. LOVE BITES indeed. [Source]

Good News: According to Executive Producer Ryan Murphy, rumors of GLEE doing a Justin Bieber-centric episode have been greatly exaggerated. Bad News: The source of said exaggeration has yet to print a correction, retraction or update to their original post. Awkward. [Source]

Good News: HAWAII FIVE-0 is making headlines by landing not just one, but two high profile guest stars. Bad News: Their names… Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, who will play newlyweds taken hostage by pirates. Needless to say, “Go Pirates!” [Source]

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