Your Ultimate Guide to the Best of the Web: Sitcoms

If you’re looking for the great next sitcom, you might want to stop surfing your television and look to the Internet. A lot of comedy teams are turning to web series  to create some of the best new sitcoms out there. You won’t get the famous actors you do on television sitcoms, but you will get fresh stories and a wider range of topics and characters. Plus you don’t have to worry about missing an episode, or having two you want to see come on at the same time slot.

Illeana Douglas quits her Hollywood job for something a little easier – sales assistant at IKEA. But giving up her old life, dealing with her new co-workers and selling furniture are all a lot harder than she planned. 

A comedy that explores the behind-the-scenes workings of a Renaissance Festival. The performers and vendors flirt, argue and attempt to stay in character.

When Mike loses his job he tries to hide it from his wife Kelley by convincing to take on some boarders to save money. But neither of them expect the wild characters their rooms will attract.

The corny but cute story of two guys trying to start up an Internet bakery. Both the writing and acting in this series are really impressive. Just don’t watch when you’re hungry, or you’ll find yourself making a beeline for the nearest doughnut shop.

Roommates Hank and Alex are furious when the rent on their Manhattan apartment goes up yet again. Realizing how easy their lives would be if they didn’t have to pay rent, they decide to leave their apartment and find other places to sleep every night. 

It’s hard to be a temp, but it’s fun watching someone else be one. Feel better about your own job while watching this group of temps try to make it through their strange, uncomfortable, and awkward assignments.

Nick and Emt wanted Triple Threat Productions to help them make a reality show about helping people overcome their fears. But Triple Threat misunderstands and hires them to do a completely different show. Now they must film themselves completing whatever tasks viewers think up for them.

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