First Look: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Travels to Minnesota

Still reeling from last week’s jaw-dropper of an ending to HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER? Anxiously counting down the days until you find out what happens next? Well, we’ve got some bad news for you: Keep counting, because tonight’s episode is a repeat! Fortunately, you’ve got us and we’ve got a sneak peek at next week’s episode, titled “Last Words” that sees the gang travelling to Minnisota where Ted and Barney will stop at nothing to make Marshall laugh while Marshall must confront an old high school bully (Danny Strong of GILMORE GIRLS and BUFFY fame) who terrorized him throughout his youth. More first look photos of which can be found after the jump.

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  • I’m a little disappointed that these pictures were shared. Probably more disappointed at CBS than your site in particular, because if the description you provided is true, these pictures pretty much tell us what happens. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my prediction is wrong. This seems less like a “first look” and more like a spoiler.

    In other news, Danny Strong will always be linked to Buffy fame in my eye. Nice to see him and Hannigan back together again.

  • Don’t shoot the messenger!

  • Didn’t mean to offend, which is why I said I was more disappointed in CBS. They should know better.

    Still love the HIMYM coverage and love, though!

  • No offence taken! It’s the internet, I’ve grown a thick skin.

  • Ok, I officially have to rescind this comment. These pictures really didn’t give anything away, though…I don’t remember seeing a couple of these occur tonight. Deleted scene?