We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program With What is Guaranteed to be the Most Shocking News Your Will Read all Day

After unceremoniously ending their 3 season run with a mere 1.8 million viewers during the 2008-09 season on the CW, THE GAME, which BET picked up and relaunched amidst much fan-fare last night, bowed to a whooping 7.7 million viewers.

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  • Anonymous

    This definitely trumps Australia, NCIS, The Big Bang Theory! Holy cr*p! How is this possible? Is it everyone’s common hatred against The CW? What. What. WHAT? I can’t function anymore. I am forever lost to what American TV viewers actually want to see.

  • Melissa


  • Anonymous

    That is incredible! Did the CW just not know how to market the show properly? I think BET has been showing repeats for a while too so I guess it was possible for a lot of people to discover the show.

  • um…WTF? how did that happen? That’s higher ratings than any show airing on the CW has ever gotten!

  • Nick

    The WB Network mastered marketing. The CW never did and never has. Just “giving up” on comedy altogether…THAT was your solution, CW? Everyone knew The Game still had more “game” left. And Reba was another flourishing comedy. People want to laugh. Now they’re just laughing AT you and the ridiculous decision to jettison comedy.

  • Ace

    Wow that’s amazing. Right show on the wrong network I guess.

    Now, who can tell me which network Terriers was supposed to be on so we can get it back on the air!

  • Ggny

    everyone at CW should be fired…This is just embrassing for them

  • Ggny

    everyone at CW should be fired…This is just embrassing for them

  • shanna

    My mom has been waiting for this show to come back and I know she wasn’t the only one. The fans brought it back and they showed that they wanted it to succeed. I DVR’ed it and watched it last night.