Who Advertised it Better? COVERT AFFAIRS Networks Face Off!

Joining the ever-expanding list of benefits to living in Canada that includes, among other things, free health care and stricter gun control comes the following: A different perspective. Take COVERT AFFAIRS for example. In advertising the hit USA series, Canada’s Showcase Network decided take a completely different approach when it came to the print campaign that has virtually blanketed Toronto. Which naturally raises the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: Which do you prefer? USA’s minimalist approach that gives equal time to Annie Walker’s (Piper Perabo) double life (Note the emphasis on what we’ve been told are very pricey Manolo Blahniks!) or Showcase’s dark and deadly version that lets viewers know that those who cross Annie Walker do so at their own peril! (Larger versions of both posters can be found after the jump).

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  • Definitely USA’s – Annie’s double-life is an important part of the show; it’s what takes the show from being simply a Bond-like series and develops her character in ways her missions don’t.

    Plus, anyone who’s done advertising (or read Bill Watterson writing about Calvin and Hobbes), knows that the human eye is more naturally attracted to open white space than black space.

  • I prefer USA’s. Minimalist designs almost always work.
    I don’t know, maybe Showcase’s just needed more work done. Something about it doesn’t seem right.

    You know what I’d really be interested in? Seeing how a Japanese network would market the show.

  • Kelly

    While I think that the USA version is more fitting of the show itself, I think that the Showcase Network version might attract more people at the beginning.

  • I’d like to see a side by side comparison of the video promos for each network. The Showcase promos really extend the Killer Spy, Dead Sexy theme. The sexy woman push is nothing new for Showcase, who markets their original series Lost Girl pretty similar. Lost Girl is doing great for the network, so I’m not surprised they took Covert Affairs in that direction.

  • USA’s is better. The Showcase logo is too massive. It’s an ugly logo to begin with and it is so big here it is competing with everything else. Not digging the reversed red thing either.