Good News, Bad News: Charlie Sheen, Oprah & The Kennedys

Good News: When it comes to troubled TWO AND A HALF MEN star Charlie Sheen, CBS President Nina Tassler promises that, “we have a high level of concern.” Bad News: Just not enough of a concern to shut down the cash cow series and get Sheen the help he so desperately needs. [Source]

Good News: Oprah, with the help of personal finance expert Suze Orman will give one needy single mother a financial makeover. Bad News: The needy single mother in question is none other than the Octomom, whose 15 minutes evidently just got extended to 17. [Source]

Good News: DirecTV is in talks to snap up the rights to THE KENNEDYS, the eight hour miniseries that AETV deemed “to hot for TV!” Bad News: We don’t subscribe to DirecTV. [Source]

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  • Nick

    Oprah….you’re giving that lunatic just what she wanted. Way to encourage irresponsible behavior.

  • shanna

    Start subscribing to DirecTv! Damages, Friday Night Lights. It’s all happening!