Best unintentional scheduling move of the week: Further evidence that laughter is in fact the best medicine came on Wednesday when ABC helped a nation, okay us, heal following an emotional and gut-wrenching address in Tucson by President Obama with what was hands down the funniest episode of MODERN FAMILY of the season. Seriously. What better way to forget all the horrors of the world by watching Mitchell jump to conclusions that a one night hook-up with special guest star Mary Lynn Rajskub 10 years ago resulted in the child he never knew he had!

Jaw Dropper of the Week (Literal): After over a season of waiting, V fans (and one really unlucky rodent) finally got a front row seat to Anna’s not-so-appetizing appetite. Yum.

Best Argument Against Big-Budget TV: On the same day in which FOX unveiled their bank-breaking new series TERRA NOVA to members of the media at the semi-annual TCA confab, CBS countered with their “what’s budget got to do with it argument” featuring an unbelievably compelling hour of THE GOOD WIFE. Suffice to say, special effects and Steven Spielberg are no match for Christine Baranski and Josh Charles.

Jaw Dropper of the Week (Metaphorical): 7.7 million people turned into the return of THE GAME on BET. Yup, still not over that.

Character Whose Story We’re Finally Digging: Let’s face it, for most of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ run, Gabrielle has been written as a woman who shows absolutely no growth despite having dealt with everything from being poor to having a blind husband. And then came the baby switch story, including this week’s sad tale of Princess Valerie. Kudos to Eva Longaria for taking this heartbreaking material and running with it.

Biggest Network Blunder: With the exception of the always-on-the-ball FOX network (Cait H. FTW!), viewers, particularly ABC fans were left scratching their head over a completely up-in-the air schedule as a result of President Obama’s Tucson address. It’s almost as if the Networks had no way to tweet, tumblr, post, or communicate in any way scheduling updates as they happen. Weird.

Biggest Network Blunder (Runner Up): Wondering how outgoing CW President Dawn Ostroff might be feeling this week following the astounding success of THE GAME on BET? Consider the following: If you combine the 7.7 million viewers that tuned into THE GAME with the 3.3 million viewers that stuck around for TOGETHER, you get 12.1 million viewers. Or, about equal to that of the number of viewers that tuned into the entirety of the CW’s primetime schedule this week. Ouch!

Sudsy Moment of the Week: ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s underappreciated, underused Susan Haskell took alter ego Marty’s temporary sanity to a new level of cray cray.

Jaw Dropper of the Week (Hilarious): While we in no way are here to encourage or condone the practice of High Schooler trading sexual favors for tutoring, we’re still laughing over what happened when Karen’s dad chased Lip and Ian out of his house on SHAMELESS.

The “Hopefully It’s Not Too Little, Too Late” Award: Thanks to A&E for the reality show BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT, on which wanna-be thugs are shown that actions really do have consequences.

MVG of the Week: Our inaugural “Most Valuable Guest Star” of the week goes to Jeremy Irons, who injected some much needed believability into a laughable LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT that saw Stabler go undercover in an almost ridiculous attempt to infiltrate a Sex Addicts Anonymous group.

Most Telling Reaction: As REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA’s Kim prepared to go on tour for her singing “career”, daughter Brielle wasn’t phased a bit… until she learned mom’s assistant, Sweetie, was going. That brought the kid to tears. Guess we know who she’ll miss more!

The Week in Rewind Contributors: Couch Tater, Tiffany Vogt and the TV Addict.

  • Nick

    When Obama ran past 9pm, ABC lost me for the night. Hope MF shows the ep again soon.

    Also loving “V” and Gabby’s DH storyline. Carlos obviously doesn’t understand a mother’s connection to her child.

    Don’t watch Good Wife, but anything with Baranski is top-notch.