Your Ultimate Guide to the Best of the Web: Science Fiction

Science fiction is all over movies and television, so it’s no surprise that there are tons of great science fiction web series. Without the big budgets of their larger-screened cousins, science fiction on the web relies more on character, plot, and – very often – comedy. A lot of the best science fiction series online will not only feature aliens or robots, but also big laughs. So ignore the occasional cheesiness and step out of your everyday world with these great web series.

The Crew
The Crew is a comedic series about the crew of the Azureus as they travel through space in a ship full of mechanical problems and a dysfunctional group of people that cannot get along. The show features cast interviews similar to The Office, and occasionally breaks the fourth wall when the production staff talks to the characters.

Ghost Town
Teenagers Jacob and Marley lead the Para-normals, a group that investigates paranormal activities in their town, Arcade Bay. After an accident in the tunnel, the town has been teaming with ghosts that only the Para-normals know how to handle.

Broken Toy
In the future, the fastest jets needs pilots faster than humanely possible. In a series of experiments the first four candidates die, but the fifth – who was never intended to live – survives the procedure with a heightened metabolism and lightning quick reflexes. Now on the run, he must evade the men who did this to him and find a way to live in the world.

Legend of Neil
In this parody of The Legend of Zelda, Neil gets trapped inside the game where he is mistaken for Link, the hero. Neil has to save Princess Zelda while dealing with obsessive fairies and video game cliches.

Hurtling Through Space at an Alarming Rate!
Roommates Mike and Stuart have an unusual problem – their apartment is hurtling through space at an alarming rate. It’s not so bad though, their friends can come and go, and their tv works. Still, they have to deal with the unusual planets their apartment takes them, such as The Planet of Dirty Laundry and The Planet of Sticky Floors That Make It Impossible To Do Anything.

Solo – the Series
This comedy science fiction series features Scott, who is sent to Mars with dreams of becoming the star of a new reality show. But when the show is canceled he finds himself stranded in space with no way home, no job, and only a sarcastic robot to keep him company.

Hollywood Wasteland
Wannabe comic book artist Jeff doesn’t have time to deal with the end of the world. Between his office job and supporting  his hopeless roommates he has no energy left for fighting zombies or handling nuclear war. Fortunately he has an android whose mission is to protect him and a man in his basement who has been preparing for this for years. 

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    What kind of science is there in Legend of Neil, besides the empirical evidence that it’s much funnier than those other shows?