On TV Tonight: Monday January 17, 2011

NET 8PM 8:30PM 9PM 9:30PM 10PM 10:30PM
ABC The Bachelor Castle (R)
CBS How I Met Your Mother Rules of Engagement Two and a Half Men Mike & Molly Hawaii Five-0
CW 90210 (R) Gossip Girl (R)
FOX House Lie to Me
NBC Chuck The Cape Harry’s Law
MISC Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) Greek (ABC Family)
Being Human (Syfy)
Skins (MTV)

BEING HUMAN (9PM Syfy, 10PM on Space in Canada)
Say what you will about the ghost a vampire and werewolf just discovered in their newly moved into apartment, it sure as hell beats bed bugs.

SKINS (10PM MTV, TMN in Canada)
Good News: In chronicling the exploits of a group of incredibly irresponsible teens, MTV’s adaptation of the UK smash doesn’t lose that much in its translation for American audiences. Bad News: With the notable exception of the cast, who unfortunately, pale in comparison to their original British counterparts.

HARRY’S LAW (10PM NBC, CityTV in Canada)
See the show creator David E. Kelly is already hedging his bets on! Awkward.

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  • Ggny

    i have no idea what im gonna do about Mondays now that Skins and Being Human started i just dont get why SyFy would put Being Human on Mondays

  • Jax

    Skins was so bad. If i wanted to see the show again i would watch the UK version is 100 times better in everything. I thought it would be a show about teenagers, drogs, sex… ok it was but it was the same plot, characters, even dialogs than UK. Maybe u all expected that i expected somethin diferent, something new.