GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Liason Officially Bites The Dust!

In what might be the most shocking news to come out of the soap world in quite some time, our pals at Soaps In Depth tell us that GENERAL HOSPITAL fan fave Rebecca Herbst (Liz) has been let go.

“This is a complete shocker,” the mag’s executive editor, Richard M. Simms, told us. “We heard the rumor on Monday and found it just about impossible to believe. I mean, we’re talking about a character who has a huge history on the show and a massive fan following. But this evening, it was confirmed by the folks at GH.”

For ages, the character of Liz Webber — first introduced in 1997 — has been a player in perhaps the most notoriously heated fan-base war ever to unfold on the daytime stage. “Liz has a child with the character of Jason,” explains Simms. “Jason loved Liz, but basically made the decision not to be with her because his violent lifestyle would put her and their son, Jake, in jeopardy. Oh, did I mention he’s a hitman?”

No, sir, you did not!

“Enter Sam McCall, a brunette beauty Jason’s currently in love with. So, on the one side, you have the Liason crew, who are fans of Jason and Liz. On the other, there’s the JaSam folks, who want to see him with Sam. To call the rivalry between these two groups ‘heated’ would be sort of like saying ‘Sarah Palin is a controversial person in the world of politics.'”

In recent story, Sam — who at one point believed herself unable to carry a child to term — learned it might be possible after all. Needless to say, Liason fans balked, asking how Jason could even consider playing daddy with Sam given that he’s all-but-ignored his child with Liz in order to keep them safe. “It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out,” says Simms. “There’s no word yet on how Liz will be written out or what will happen to her and Jason’s son.”

Herbst was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in both 1999 (as Outstanding Younger Actress) and in 2007 (as Outstanding Supporting Actress).

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  • Shawnsno1lady

    I just want to say that I absolutely admire and adore Rebecca Herbst and that the people in charge of GH are a bunch of mindless idiots. They derve to be cancelled and I will be rooting for it with everything in me.

  • This is disgusting news…. She is part of one of the most heated love triangles in daytime even when it isn’t active.. they are idiotic to fire her!

  • Leslie

    This is sheer stupidity! First, Allan and then Emily…now Elizabeth. They have no clue! Yet, we have to be subjected to the whiny Brenda — and when she’s not whining, she has that stupid cackle laugh. Maybe they should actually look at message boards and facebook to see who is truly popular and beloved!

  • How do you spell stupid: G-E-N-E-R-A-L-H-O-S-P-I-T-A-L.

  • May

    I think it is horrible they let becky go, she was the only reason i was holding on to this show, I hope she gets something else soon and lets people know where she will be Gh is off for me, Don’t care about the people they write for on the show anymore.

  • Bea

    Actually Liz was there long before Sam. Liz and Jason started a friendship back in 1999-2000 when Lucky died and Jason gave up Michael to Aj.

  • Bea

    Many of them have different dads for their kids, Alexis 3 kids, 3 different dads two of them brothers, Carly 3 kids 3 different biologica fathers (AJ, Sonny, Jax) I could go on. It’s a soap you expect that kind of thing.

  • Bea

    Liz’s kids Bio dads are Zander (Cameron) Jason (Jake) and Nic/Lucky Triangle (Aiden)

  • Bea

    I have officially said Goodbye To GH today. No reason to continue watching this crap fest Fronz and Guza say is good Daytime TV.

  • stormy1000_

    BYE BYE GH, I am leaving you forever! You are not the only soap in town.
    You are nothing but a twisted up shell of what the Labines and Gloria Monty created and Frons and Farren Phelps destroyed.
    Rebecca deserved better.

    hen dumping

  • b15

    Why should it be her job to stop something that she had no part it? She wasn’t fanning the flames to get the fan wars started, that was all due to fans!!! Hence the name.

  • sstt05

    It is sad about Becky and I hate to see anyone lose their job but I doubt it is for any of the reasons listed in this article. I will miss her and I am not sure how they are going to writer her off but no one but the TPTB who made the decision to let her go are responsible. I wish all the fighting and drama about this would be over and for true fans of Becky I would hope you would all watch her exit story. She is not out until March so at least support her in what she is still doing.

  • Islandqueen

    I wish some fans wouldn’t take out their anger with other actors/actresses. There had to have been a reason for this decision. Regardless your article is a little insulting to some fans. Liason hasn’t been a couple in 3 years

  • Dragonlady706

    After watch GH for over 29 years I’m done. GH doesn’t care what Fans want and they proved that by firing Fan Fav Rebecca Herbst. GH, Frons,Guza,Jill,Disney, and TPTB has made one of the most boneheaded mistake in daytime history by firing Becky. Becky is one of the most talented actresses in daytime and I fime it disrespectful on GH part that after over 13 years that GH would do this to her and her Fan that love her and the character (Elizabeth Webber) she plays. Her character connects the entire cast in so many ways by being a Webber, a Spencer, having a Quartermaine/Morgan child, being a nurse, and a survivor of rape. Idon’t get how GH can get rid of such a talented actress and keep less talented & hiring less talented actors/actresses. I wish Becky and Her Family All The Best!!!! And GH I just want to say you deserve to be cancelled because you don’t care about your fans and as an EX-Fan I can say I no long care about GH!

  • whyGHwhy

    I am a big Jasam fan. Having said that I really liked RH. What GH has done is WRONG!! Where is the loyalty to it’s fans and employees. RH’s character had so much room to grow. This is just sad…. I wish you well Rebecca Herbst. This to shall pass….

  • I hate General Hospital

    I can now be finally done with General Hospital!!!!!! They have so little regards for vets! They bring all these newbies while vets gets the shaft, well no more for me! I AM DONE!!!!!!

  • karine O

    i’m pissed about that news i reallly don’t understand this well that there loss bye gh for me

  • Josie

    I am really saddened by the news of Rebecca’s firing. I just don’t understand how they can get rid of another vet, and expect the audeience to accept it and at the same time, expect us to accept the new characters they are bringing on. I have no doubt that Rebecca will do well in whatever new endeavors she embarks on and I for one will follow her to whatever show she moves on to. It is General Hospital’s loss.

  • Sanen85

    I haven’t been a fan of the character for years, but was her biggest fan before that. However, I’ve also been a fan of RH and once again, I thing TPTB are being stupid.

    Also, there were quite a few of us who were simply LuSam fans 🙂

  • Darcy

    Oh my here we go…who knows who is tweeting it could be anti-Elizabeth fans it isn’t the first time they have done it and it won’t be the last this people have perpetrated a fraud on Twitter…Steve’s a big boy he can handle it. Now back to Becky, I haven’t watched much of GH its unrecognizable to me yes characters come and go but the “disrespect” in “story” of veteran characters has gone on for nearly ten years. Its a hallow shell of a once great soap opera, it will be three orginals left on the female side…Robin, Tracey, Alexis (Monica is recurring who rarely recurs) no original to the role is marketed as the face of GH just imported actresses its the sign of the times…this is the new GH folks take it or leave it….

    I’ve left it…

  • Cyber

    They are adults people can make their own decisions as for what in Becky’s wallet and who puts it there I’m not her banker so I wouldn’t know maybe her family is rich…She has been written like crap for years why should her fans tune in to watch more mud being thrown at her. I don’t suddenly believe that now she will finally be written a decent storyline many of “her fans.” Don’t believe it its the classic bait and switch been there done that.

  • Lorelai

    A large portion of her fans made it clear they wouldn’t accept her in a new pairing. They made it clear – it was Jiz or nothing. Well, here’s your NOTHING…

  • Lorelai

    A large portion of her fans made it clear they wouldn’t accept her in a new pairing. They made it clear – it was Jiz or nothing. Well, here’s your NOTHING…

  • marsan

    Destroyed the love of Luke and Laura, fired Drew Garrett and now Rebecca leaves – from now on, GH deserves what it gets. I’m one who watched from day one – recently quit entirely.

  • Lorelai

    Or not. Jiz has been over for years. They tanked. You got your girl fired with your insistence that she be with Jason.

  • andrea

    Not watching but I will youtube franco.

  • T

    This is soooo sad. I loved Liz and considering the storyline they are running with Jason and Sam i’m disgusted. I know the Sam wants a baby and i know Jason wants to be a father but for Jason to father a baby with Sam, the woman that not only watch his son get kidnapped but staged an attack on Liz and her kids in the park to scare them into thinking that its too much of a risk for them to be together is completely hypocritical.

  • Vanessa Verleni-Elia

    I am very disappointed in the direction General Hospital is going..first Alan, Emily, Monica, which quartermaine is next? I have been a faithful watcher of GH since I was 4 years old and watched it with my Mother. I am now 50. Axing Elizabeth is the last straw! I will not be watching Sonny and Brenda’s wedding. I’m done with you until you bring some of these characters back!