HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s “Last Words” Recap: We’ve Got Your Good, Bad & Ugly

THE GOOD: While not exactly laugh-out-loud funny, last night’s episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER did provide the gang with two very important things: 1) An incredibly funny subplot for Robin “Vice Girl” Scherbatsky, who, thanks to a magical purse that would give Mary Poppins a run for her money was at the ready to provide a grieving Marshall with anything that he may need to get through his father’s funeral. And more importantly, 2) A “For Your Consideration” Emmy reel for Jason Segel. Seriously. Just how good was Segel’s performance? So good that we genuinely found ourselves getting emotional during his tearful goodbye to his father, despite the fact that we never particularly found his macho Dad or his Minnesota roots nearly as funny as the show’s writers did.

Also falling under the category of “good” was the fact that this tragedy, complete with its reminder that “life is short,” served as the impetus for Barney to want to reach out to his real-life father (Soon to be played by none other than John Lithgow). And while we’re on the subject of fathers, we’d like to acknowledge FAMILY TIES alum Michael Gross ā€” who unlike certain actors who shall remain nameless ā€” was cool enough to reprise his role as TDog’sā€¦ err, we mean Ted’s father.

THE BAD: Danny Strong’s introduction as Marshall’s childhood nemesis (aka. The Noogie King of St. Cloud) fell completely flat. To the point that most of the plot was left on the cutting room floor as evidence by these first look photos that never even made it to air.

THE UGLY: Wondering what happens next? Well, keep wondering because HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is in repeat for the next two weeks!

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